Rising Stars - Giveaway 13, and My Daily Progress

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To those who are new to my giveaway in Rising Star cards I am doing so because I currently hold a decent amount of Vibe tokens. I plan to use the Vibe tokens to convert into Rising Star cards and plan on daily giveaway on the common cards that I open.

Participation in giveaway is free and the rules are pretty simple. Rules to participate in the giveaway are pretty simple. Comment on this post so I know you want to participate in giveaway. Upvote and reblog not required but appreciated. Best of luck.

In addition every participant in the daily giveaway earns a consolation prize. Who said participating should not be rewarded? All participants will receive a sizable Vibe upvote. If you have not been using musicforlife platform here it is.

On the platform you can easily see participants' Vibe upvotes. Seven days after the comment post the rewards are split 50/50. So if you just participate in my giveaways the Vibes earned can potentially get card packs of Rising Star. Currently every 5 Vibes is equal to 1 pack of cards. You are not required to purchase cards with your earned Vibe. You can do what you want with them. Just a small token to all the participants of my giveaway and a good spread of Vibe ;)

Daily Giveaway 13 Results

Today there are a total of 14 entries. For all those here please be aware tomorrow, Saturday 3/20/21, I will host a rare card in the giveaway. Anyways good luck to all participants and thank you for participating. Here are the winners:

Spin 1 for i20 - French Horn:


Spin 2 for 15 - Limey:


Spin 3 for i31 - Cheap Decks V2:


Spin 4 for 8 - Clam Rocker:


Congrats to the winners and cards will be sent shortly.

Giveaway Part 14 for tomorrow

Tomorrow's giveaway:




Please spread the word out and we will see how many participants be entering in Saturday's giveaway. Hope you all remember to come back daily to enter.

My Current Stats and Card Collection Updates



I dropped a rank to 45th. I am hair away from 50k Skill points. The luck and IM points are slightly higher while my Fans points held steady even though it appears close to 18k. I had close 5k drunk fans. For levels I am at 168 and getting close to the target of 175.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone become a rising star!!!

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If you have not started playing Rising Stars please try it out. Link in pictures below and the game is FREE once you create an Hive account.




I want to participate in this giveaway and I wonder how many people will show up for the rare card.

Nice job getting close to 50k skill points. Mines is still going up slowly as I do a few everyday though that Guitar would definitely speed things up for me.

awesome, thanks for the legendary card!

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Thanks a lot for the card !
I'm impressed by your progress, especially as you look as lucky as me regarding the Legendary cards haha.
Keep going mate ;)

Posted via MusicForLife.io

Nice. Count me in again!

I am in

congrats to the winners
please include me in the tomorrow's spin

thank you

im in!

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Here again ;)


Congratulations, @logicforce You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @mawit07.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/3 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 24384.521 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.290 HIVE

congrats to the winners, i want to participate.

Hello, thank you for the card and congratulations to the rest of the winners.
I would like you to add me to the next draw.
Congratulations on the progress.

Good morning thanks for my card Limey. Congrats to winners and count with me for next ones. Consider me next giveway. Thanks

Congrats to the winners today, tomorrow should be good when the Rare card drawing comes.

Great progress. I'm sure you will reach 50k skill in no time!

Thanks for the chance to win yet again. Some awesome cards up for grabs today.

Congrats to the winners...
Conside me in for ghe giveaway

Posted via MusicForLife.io

You will acquire 50k skills soon
Congratulations to the winners
Please include me in tomorrow’s giveaway

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