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Hello, Rising Star and music lovers!

Hope you guys will be fine and blessed today i am here again to make a post on the progress of my rising star game after a long time as it was a busy shcedule so did not made a post in the last two week so today i am here to share something about my progress in the rising star game.



In the dashboard you can see the progress of my current level which is 19 that i reached slowly and from level 12 i did not share the new level so its quite a lot of gap between these level. However, i am playing daily this game to complete the missions and mostly the midweek headline slot is my main target because which is a long mission that takes up to 1 hour to complete with 80% energy but also giving me nice amount of starbit.

EGO 31%


Well, after reaching to level 15 the ego become a big problem for me that not allowing me to earn more starbit and i have an issue with fans and skill that i am not getting this point even the skill is greater than fans then why the ego increases each time may be because of the drunk fans right? However, i will try to balance it but i need to wait a little bit to reach 10k starbit to buy a pack with starbit earning and hope this time i will get some good cards.


  • Total cards 10
  • Fans 183 (155 permanent ) and 28 drunk
  • Skill 162
  • luck 74
  • Total Im 3



Here you can see the progress of total missions that i completed so far which includes lots of missions instead of the last one Saturday headline soon will complete this one also but before reaching there i need some fans and skills to complete these missions.

  • Illegal Busking: 95 completed
  • Open Mic Night: 39
  • Mid Week Support: 32
  • Licensed Busking: 10
  • Midweek Headline: Slot 35
  • Saturday Support: 1

image from Risingstar

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Nice progress. Just keeo playing, you will make moves sooner than you think.

Thank you will try my best to move further <3

Have a look a this great post by Rising Star player @libertycrypto27 which explains Ego & ways to reduce it. https://peakd.com/hive-146620/@libertycrypto27/rising-star-gli-effetti-dell-ego

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Thanks for the mention of my post @risingstargame :)
Hi @moeenali the ego must always be at 0%
To lower the Ego:

  • You can buy cards that have a higher Skill attribute than the number of Fans.
  • You can play music lessons that have a Skill points reward

For music lessons consider that the instrument cards influence the music lesson reward.
For example guitar cards increase the reward of the music lesson "Guitar Lesson".
My advice is to buy instrument cards of the same type (guitar or drums or mic) that are cheap and that give you a good number of luck points so that when you complete a music lesson you earn more skill points ;)


Thank you bro for the guidance will buy these card i was about to asking you on discord but thanks you replied here to me <3

Hey @risingstargame, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you i will check it out the post <3

Hey @moeenali, here is a little bit of BEER from @risingstargame for you. Enjoy it!

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