Prima La Musica, my inspiration to continue | Secrets of Organ Playing, Week 119

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This is my first post from my new account. Normally something new is a reason for joy, this time however I feel mostly sadness. My former account (partitura) was hacked and I lost all I've worked for on Hive these last three years and all I've reached in that time.

My first impulse was to leave HIVE and never return. The power down of my (former) HIVE power will take 13 weeks and it would be very painfull to watch and see it all go away. And the hacker isn't even powering down everything. So what plans does he have to do with the remainder and with my former account? He already tried to pose as mee and reap some easy rewards with some shit post. It felt pointless to ever write something again.

After some days in which I was rather depressed, my oldest son, with his 13 years still rather innocent, asked: "Why don't you just start anew?". My first impulse was to sum up all the reasons why I wouldn't start anew. But I didn't. Instead, I realized that he was probably quite right. Just start anew and enjoy what I am doing. Better to work for something in the future than to dwell on what is lost in the past.

Hence the new account name: @primalamusica. I came here to share my art, both performing and creating scores. And I want to continue to share what I love with anyone who is interested. Music is what drives me and I won't let someone take that away from me.

I chose to play Bach's "Erbarm dich mein", BWV 721 (sorry for the wrong number in the video). The music perfectly reflects how I feel at the moment. It is a moving, intense dramatic piece, yet those long notes above the repeated chords also express something of great strength and despite it's sad character, I find this piece oddly comforting.

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I tag you all in this post because you have in one way or another supported me and my former account, partitura. And I wanted to let you now that that account has been hacked, and the hacker does not deserve any of your attention or support. Also, if he, for whatever reason reaches out to you, know htat it is not me who reaches out to you. I hope he takes his unlawful gaines and leave and let the partitura account fade into oblivion. I am as of now: @primalamusica.


I'm glad you are back my friend. I'm sure we can rebuild what was lost in time, together. I have delegated you some HP and LP. Here's to the new chapter of this journey!

Thanks, Vidas. You are very generous in your support and I dont know if I can ever thank you enough for that!

Ben fatto, non mollare!

Hopefully we’ll get the guy sooner or later...

Thanks. Would be nice if the guy would get caught, though I think the chances of that are very slim.

He's been plaguing Hive for weeks, hopefully at some point he'll make a mistake.

That's new to me. Did he hack more accounts?

I think it’s the same attacker that started his phishing campaigns (at least) since October last year:

He recently switched from trying to phish keys to trying to phish email addresses and passwords to try to use them on other portals.

Yes, I remember those warnings.
Difficult to prove of course wether it was the same hacker. In my case I think it was a virus/trojan/keysniffer on my desktop, that enabled to get the hacker to get a hold on my windows account.

Kacker is busy transfering hive in and out of my former account and switching it between different binance account. I wonder what he is doing.

Very sorry to find this news :(

I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but some details on how might make others think twice about doing something similar.

Best of luck rebuilding.

It's still a bit too fresh at the moment. Nevertheless, I plan indeed to write something about it, as a warning to all to not make the same mistakes I made. And above all, to show that changing the keys of your account is not a skary difficult dangerous thing to do...

That's fair enough. My account is of similar size to your old account and I would be distraught if 4 years of work was lost.

Yes, the loss of funds hurt a lot, yet it is heartwarming to experience the support of the community. That is something a hacker cant take away. It is even a bit ironic that this first post in my new account is the most succesful post in terms of both engagement and upvotes I've ever written. And I am very grateful for that respons, it is all the more motivation to go on.

Very inspirational, that you didn´t resign and instead decided to start new!
Funnily "prima la musica" here is the name of a national youth contest for classical music and my daughter participated several times. Sadly this year it was cancelled.
Hive On!
Greetings from Vienna, a city of music.

It's actually not easy to start anew, and 'swim' through the redfish, minnow,dolphin phases again, but it's far better for me than to dwell on what was and is now lost.
Then again: ask me in a few months when the price of Hive soars; it'll be probably quite difficult to stay optimistic then. 😀

It is sad to know that your account was hacked and you have lost everything that you added to your account (money, efforts, time). But nice to know that you have strength to start a new account. I hope it won't happen again. But I don't understand, what happened. I hope you will share this experience that others could learn from that.

I basically made some very stupid security mistakes. When it's not as fresh anymore I'll write about it and hopefully help others from making the same mistakes.

Yes, it will be wery hepful

I know exactly how you must feel, my friend. It happened to me once when we were sailing in those waters. It is an extremely unpleasant thing to go through. To see everything fall apart, to feel trapped, vulnerable. A feeling you don't wish on anyone. But your son is so right "we must start again" for sure it will be a long task but now you have much more friends willing to support you and I include myself. My voting power is not unbelievable given the fact that my economic situation in my country has me almost in a noose. But I like to extend my hand to my friends so I will delegate 50hp and I apologize for the little but honest. I am very glad you mentioned me. I send you hugs and lots of encouragement. Go ahead, may the music never stop playing for you.

Don't apologize, I am honoured by the gesture and thank you for your support. With a bit of luck and enough time, I hope to be able to grow and to return the support again.

Glad to see you back. I always enjoy your masterly performances. Wishing you well as you recover from this devastating situation.

Thanks, Graham. I'll just keep doing what I love, and hopefully build something nice from that again.

I'm glad that you haven't given up all hope. Good to see you back playing again online.

Thanks, Jeremy. Hopefully playing will keep me focused on the future and help me not to dwell to much on what I lost.

So sorry to hear this. Stay strong and Hive on!

Thanks Erik! All the support shown is a strong motivation to "Hive on".

Oh Man! i am so sorry to read about your acc! though i never left comments on your posts or anything, i saw how you supported the Hive Open Mic community by voting everyone making a valid entry! i always thought that was a very nice initiative from your part to do that and i was happy to see your voting power was increasing. I saw your new posts under this name and it got me curious about what happened ... and dang, this is really heart-breaking. Props to your son! for encouraging you to get back to it! by the way your rendition of this Bach piece was awesome! you are truly a very good musician, wish you the best on this new journey as @primalamusica ! you have all my support, thanks for sharing good music and being an example of perseverance! and thanks to your son for giving you the strenght to do this, greetings!

Thanks for the nice words! I liked supporting musicians on Hive and I still do; my vote sadly has a little less impact than it used to have. Hopefully with time and can grow again and help other musicians grow.

I have just read this and I'm so sorry but you have the upper hand, you're a great person and a wonderful musician and you will recover, I know! So far I can, I'll be also (as so many others) pushing you and supporting to you get back on your feet!

Thanks, @ylich, for the encouraging response. It's responses like yours that are a motivation for me to continue. And I hope that in due time and can again support the music community like I used to.

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Just to be sure, did you try an account recovery?

O yes, to no avail. I lost the masterkey of my main account ánd the master key of the recovery account. So, no luck, and to be honest (in hindsight) some dumb security errors on my part.

Oh yes, I have to agree with that! 😭

Oh my, I am so sorry to hear you lost your account. What a nightmare. I honor you for making your return here. Your courageous and graceful rebound with be an impressive story that will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! A nightmare it was indeed. Though I am happy to have decided to start anew, the response has been heartwarming and is a great stimulus to carry on.

Oh, I am so sorry to see that your old account got taken over. Pleased to see you back, but I can imagine that it will be a difficult thing.

It was a very emotional performance and post to write. But now that the first is out, the rest will get easier, I hope.

I can imagine...

PS: That's our piece! Borrowing a violinist's repertoire... don't you organists have enough stuff to play! Next time, I want to hear you singing the vocal line in your best alto voice!

Are you sure? I thought it was an original organ work. Though with Bach you never know. He transcribed some his own organ works for violin and vice versa. And there is even a theorie that says Bach's most famous organ work, the d minor Toccata was originally a composition for violin . And this apart from the idea that that Toccata was possibly not even composed by Bach... 😀

I wrote before listening, it is a different one! I thought it was the Matteus Passion...

Of, course. Should have thought about that one. Wouldn't dream of touching it, so it's safe in your hands... 😀

I was shocked when I saw what happened a few days ago, my husband informed me when saw on discord, and I saw that strange Mozart post and knew that something went wrong. 😔
I was so sorry and angry for what happened but I am glad you are back 🤗

The financial loss was bad in itself, but seeing the hacker pose as me was even worse, almost felt as rape. Well, skip the 'almost'. Luckily, music gives me always something positive to work on or to occupy myself with. AAnd I focus on that positive energy now

Yes, I suppose not just the financial loss, but someone pretending be you was hard even to read from our part. I couldn't believe. I can not even imagine how you felt as I it was heartbreaking for us!!

But ,go go go @primalamusica (I almost said your former username) :-(

I hope as more as possible of us can help you out now, with encouragement and support, and don't forget, that 4 hands sonatinas project has to come !!! ;)

I'm already overwhelmed by all the positive reactions and support. And the 4 hands project is another nice thing to look forward to. So, all my thanks to you too!

I will wait for a Toccata and Fugue in F Major BWV 540 more suitable for rebirth. Great and welcome back!

Now there's a challenge! That Toccata will take a lot of practise to master. Perhaps just the thing i need to keep my mind focused on the future. Thanks dor the idea... 😀

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Gracias por continuar hacia adelante cuando el impulso te jala hacia atrás.... Admiro tu postura, creo que es la mejor opción eres un triunfador y el éxito te espera.... Cuenta con todos los que admiramos tu trabajo...

Thanks for your nice and encouraging words. I'm moved by all the positive respons to this post.

Bienvenido amigo, nunca esta perdido quien da batalla, esos escollos lo suéramos, mientras tengamos salud y libertad, fuerza y adelante, saludos.

Gracias. It's not easy to start anew, but I'm lucky to get so many encouragements like yours. It is an added motivation to continue! Thanks!!

Asi es amigo lo importante es interactuar, saludos.

Oh, I thought you were gone. Your page was partitura, right? Good thing to have you back!

Yes, it was. Thanks for the positive feedback

I hope this new accounts reaches new heights!

Glad to see you back and you have the full support of the community behind you.

I'm rather overwhelmed by all the positive respons. Hadn't expected that. Makes me all the more happy I decided to continue.

Sorry to hear this and that you've had to experience it; There'll always be those willing to take what is not there's and to rise on the backs of others...Just like there'll always be people like you who stand up and keep walking after being knocked down.

Way to show ownership and responsibility.

Thanks for your nice words, Galen. I'll probably have a lot of emotional ups and downs the coming days/weeks/months, yet it feels far more positive to build again on my future than to mourn the loss.

You're welcome.

You'll ride an emotional rollercoaster for sure and I can only imagine how it feels.

I saw my brother @tarazkp has delegated 1000 hive to you and I have matched it. Just a small token. Keep pushing.

From my current perspective that's hardly 'small'! I thank you for your generous gesture. All the support shown will certainly help with riding emotional rollercoaster.

You're welcome and good luck.

You're an inspiration to many, keep pursuing your goals!

I'm sorry I missed your first entry in the contest last week. I was a bit caught up in other stuff... 😀
Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and after work today I'll listen to your recordings.

No need to apologise, you've been going through hell. It's only great to see you pushing forward!

This was just what I wanted to see, welcome back!!!

Thanks!! It was a difficult post to write, emotional. Will get easier when time moves on, I hope.

Ah damn. I am so sorry to hear about that :(

Have you been in touch with @guiltyparties ? Is there anything that can be done?

Yes, I was, and he helped where he could, but basically I made some very stupid security mistakes. I'll have to learn to life with that. From double orca back to red fish, it's quite humbling...

Unfortunately we're out of options. It's a very sad case.

I am so sorry to read in this post of yours that your account has been stolen.
I wish the worst for the person responsible for the theft....
The important thing is to start over and I wish you the best with your new account.

Thanks for the good wishes! I'm glad I decided to start anew. It's better therapy than to sulk and to keep regret the loss of my former account.

I know it is not much mate, but I have delegated 1000 HP to you to help you get back to it.

Thanks a lot, that will certainly help. Till a week ago I dreamed of perhaps becoming financially independent this year. That dream is gone now, but perhaps if I keep building again it will still be possible.
The response to this post is overwhelming and I thank you for the support!

You are welcome - as much as it sucks, I am glad that you are continuing on.

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I don't know you or your old account since I am new here but I went through the stress of searching up your old username and found your old account.
I must say this can be a little challenging and I know how it was when I started newly here three months ago.
But I know you will be able to build up again and I am glad you didn't just sit back longer than you should have and fold your hands and thank God for your 13 years old son.
I wish you all the best in this new journey.
I hope you will be able to recover some or all of your HP

Thank you zanoz. Starting new here can be very difficult and challenging. When I started three years ago, it took almost a year before a post got serious response. And though I lost a lot last week, it is heartwarming to experience the support of the community. And that is something a hacker can't take away.
I wish you all the best as well on Hive. The platform is worthwhile to build on.

Yeah, the support and concern among the community members here are what can't be taken away.
I wish you the best too