BlockTunes Almost Ready for Artist Sign Ups! Sneak Peak at the Shop!


Hello everyone! Hope you all had an awesome holiday!

We are inching closer and closer to the the grand opening for artist/musician sign up starting on Jan 1, 2022!

We are excited to have @groove-logic's store all set up and ready as our test subject! We are going to be offering free artist sign up and then will be charging per submission to the store just like any other service would do. This though has some different features than a normal music store... Let's take a look!

Artist Store

When an artist registers with, they will get their own shop that they can manage if they want to go at it on their own. There is a store manager that will allow them to be able to edit their store profile, products, customer coupons, etc.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 7.43.54 PM.png

We offer a print on demand service for artists and split 50% of the profit from each sale with the artist. We will have a 'POD Submission Form' for each artist to upload their designs and our partners handle everything else! We automatically set each product up in the store for you.

Here is an idea of what your store will look like:

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 7.44.08 PM.png

Single, EP, or Full Album Release Submission Service

We will also be offering release submission services. We will have 3 different options for submissions:

Singles: 1 song release
EP: 2-6 song release
Full Album: Up to 12 song release

For each release package we will set up your songs for sale and download, add any additional links to your songs on other platforms for cross platform promotion, as well as any links for NFTs you may already have out on the markets.

We will also mint 10 Royalty Free License NFTs that will be linked to the product and sold as a bundle if that option is chosen. These will be sold as separate items from the main release product as they are handled a bit differently on the back end. Artists will have a choice to have their Royalty Free license items minted on Binance Smart Chain or the Hivelist NFT Marketplace on Items on Hivelist NFTs will have to be sent manually where we can set up the BSC NFTs to be sold directly through the site.

Each artist will also have the option to protect their files and only allow users to listen to a portion of the song, or to allow the song to be streamed fully.

Users will be able to purchase and download the music as they would on a site like iTunes or Bandcamp.

Here is what your release will look like:

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 7.44.34 PM.png

This info will show under the music players. This is where we can add any external links to your releases on other sites.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 7.44.47 PM.png

The tipping section I am quite proud of. Working with the @hivepay-io plugin we are offering both a one time tip that can be set up in any HIVE or HIVE ENGINE token that the artist chooses. There is also a recurring payment option currently setup for only Hive or HBD that is by default set for 6 months. These tipping options are setup by us to go directly to the artist, with @blocktunes getting a 10% commission automatically. This all happens through the Hivepay payment portal!

We will also create and add a QR code and your address for Binance Smart Chain BSC and Polygon, as the same address usually works for both.

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 7.20.42 PM.png

In Conclusion

We are really excited to get this platform off the ground and hopefully we can get going strong with a good artist base! We are doing this to help musicians gain more independence with their music and get tipped and paid the main majority of the money instead of the labels and other middlemen taking their cut. The only ones getting paid are the artist and the BlockTunes platform! We only take a 10% commission on all sales on the store with an exception of the Print on Demand products.

Artists will have control over their stores, but it is easier to let us post the main stuff because we know how it's all set up and running. Artists can then change any details like the product descriptions and such or will have the opportunity to post your own products. If you want the tipping section for your product, you will have to use our submission service.

We plan to keep the momentum going even after launch by getting our Polygon NFT collections ready to go and to get our streaming service launched!

Also don't forget about the opportunity to invest in the DEFI backed BlockTunes DAO! We have had our first 2 governance packages sold, one Headliner and one Opening Act, so the DAO is up and running with just about $1200 in funds working in both and! If you don't want to be a voting member, you can purchase individual tokens from the store using a variety of payment options including fiat, or purchase them directly from the DAO for the price of 10 BUSD! If tokens are purchased from the DAO, we will burn the equivalent number of tokens out of the original 20k bTUNES tokens minted until the assets under management in the DAO reaches $200k in value.

You can check out the BlockTunes DAO on BSC dashboard on XDAO here:

or check it out on DeBank:

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Yeah sounds all great! I am really looking forward for this to start!! :)

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wow. this is really exciting. Nice work man. Id love to set up an account for the postbeat but Im not sure how Id go about it. Basically, I have a scruffy sort of mancave studio where I invite local songwriters to come and record a song for free....its sort of a little community hobby project, but Im sure most people would be up for donating their songs and raising money for the studio. HOWEVER, I wouldnt want it to feel like I was profiting off of other peoples work without paying them.... any ideas how I could go about this on the blockchain? Either way, Id still like to make a personal account with you and try to get some of my songs on sale!
big love dude : )

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