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anna-newkey just finished a 5.65km run, that lasted for 49 minutes.
This run helped anna-newkey burn 427.6 calories.

Description from Strava: Something went wrong there at the beginning with that line reaching north and it stopped early, so the distance isn't quite accurate; still I was very happy that I did more running today, which is far more important!

After each section I did a forward bend to stretch the back of my legs and the knee seemed fairly happy with that treatment.

These are a little more curious than the ones from yesterday at Broom..


I managed to jog down this and up again... yay!
However, I also had to wait for Holly at the top as she went astray in the undergrowth on the left ..
Shouldn't have let her off her lead.. She's not trustworthy.. 😄


A VERY healthy breakfast.. C/EXHAUST is extremely good for you... haha


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About the Athlete: A casual runner, but consistent walker


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Looking pretty brown around there. Is that one of the wind turbines near Langford behind you? They are pretty big.


Yes, very brown! 😩
The wind turbine is on the road by the RSPB, between Sandy and Potton.
Well spotted! 😃

Ah, there are a few turbines around here. There's one with a load of solar panels just north of Arlesey. Not so much wind, but plenty of sun right now.


Ooh, that's brilliant!
I said yesterday, we should have invested in solar panels looking at predicted energy costs! But it always seemed expensive.. Expensive is a very relative term... 😉

I had a quote for a solar set-up. With batteries it was about £12k. With the way electricity prices are going that could pay back fairly quickly.

Ooh, curious where you went for that? Wouldn't have a clue where to start!

There was a group buy thing from Central Beds council. We may not buy this time, but we should have some money for stuff like that soon.

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Looking as fried a landscape as ours here in Berkshire! It’s practically the Aussie outback here now!

Yeah, the same wherever you go.. ☹️
Aussie outback, 😄, good one!

Some friends from Australia are over for the moment and we’ll catch up with them soon. Looking forward to that but wow it’s quite something this weather!

Not good at all! But I'm sure your friends will be fine with it!
Have fun!