Saturday 10k - Finding the perfect caravan

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I just finished a 10.149km running that lasted about 0hh:58mm:9ss !


We're thinking about to buy a caravan for the next summer. Appearently, caravans are high in demand, so actually if you want a new caravan for this spring/summer, you need to order it right now.

Our car is a fat car and it's maximum weight 2190 KG. That means, I have 1300 kgs available for the caravan weight. (B class driving license allows up to 3500 KG with the car and caravan combined.)

That limits our options but still I liked the Adria Altea 472 PU. Anybody around here have any other suggestions?

Anyways, back to today's run. We did a sweet saturday 10k run. The weather is going colder and colder everyday, so I'm falling back to running instead of cycling as the time pass.

Targeting to see if I see a pace level below 5:15 this winter. Also want to complete this month's 100k challenge. 8 days left, and 25 kilometres to run. Let's see.


Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page


that map looks crazy, as if you are running on water...You should post some images if you have a moment.

haha, yeah. Most of the Netherlands are below water level, so we have a lot of these canals and little lakes.