Garmin Fenix 6 Pro - Test Run

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I just finished a 5km running that lasted about 0hh:27mm:27ss!

Had been using Apple Watch series 5 for my exercising (running, cycling, etc) more than one year. Even though it's working alright, I've found this good Garmin Fenix 6 pro deal at black friday, and bought it.

As an Apple fanboi, all my gear is Apple. However, I wanted to switch to garmin to get a good battery life (~14 days) and better metrics to monitor my progress. *

GPS comparison

This was my first run in my usual weekday runs. One thing that's surprising for me that Apple Watch's GPS is better than Garmin 6 Pro.

This route is taken from Apple Watch Series 5:

You can see that it's pretty flat. And this is from Garmin Fenix 6 Pro:

You can see from that picture that I ran inside famous dutch canals some time, and the route is pretty inconsistent compared to Apple watch.

Edit: It turns out apple smoothens the route by software to make it looks like magically correct.

Offline Songs, Apple (Garmin Pay)

These two features were very handy when I was using apple watch. Fenix has Spotify/Deezer options and they work offline. I've found that offline spotify works much better than the Apple's offline Spotify.

One thing that bothered me a little bit is that the Airpods had a couple of sizzles while I was running. Not sure if it's a temporary thing, but keep an eye on it in the next runs since it's a little bit annoying.

In garmin, you don't have apple pay (obviously), however there is an alternative called Garmin pay. I haven't tried yet, but looks very practical and I've managed to define every card I have, including debit cards.

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Goed gedaan topper! ! 😀

dank je wel :)

Is the GPS from Garmin jumping? Or is it more accurate?
For me, it looks like actual movement 😁 As you mentioned, Apple is smoothing the route. While I love the Apple looks of the GPS, I really like it, when GPS tracks every step. For running, the Apple seems much more appealing.
When you like to take photos, you can sync the GPS positions with your camera or Lightroom. With apple, my sync is not always accurate. With Samsung, it's pretty damn accurate (looks like the picture of the Garmin).

Just looked at Exhaust. Looks pretty cool to me! I am not the running nor the circle guy. I am really interested in the category of strength, but it shows me Server Error 500.