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I just finished a 10.012km running that lasted about 1hh:0mm:0ss !

I run almost everyday, however I have no idea what I'm doing. I mean, I generally don't care about the numbers, details, running programs, training plans, etc. I just get out and run. As long as I see progress, I'm happy about it.

However, I came to a point that I don't show any improvement anymore, so I've decided to start a 5k training plan to target 04:54 pace. (My PB is 05:09).

Garmin Connect has some free plans available. You just specify the desired pace, duration, and get a weekly plan.

Let's do this, Greg!

Every saturday, there is a long run (around 10k). This week it was an easy one. I took the liberty to drive a little bit out of town to enjoy some forest view.

Before that training plan, I generally kick my ass in every run, running in my threshold limits with very high heart rate values. Maybe this was what I am doing wrong, maybe I just need more easy runs and a balanced training program. Let's see if it works out :)

Here are some pictures from the area:




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looks like a lovely place for a run. Not too many people around either, which is always a plus. Were you aiming to do EXACTLY 1 hour of running or was this just an amazing coincidence?

it was the training plan pushing it one hour for this workout :)