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I just finished a 6.728km running that lasted about 0hh:36mm:23ss !

Hill Repeats

Today, I had this training called "Hill Repeats". In a simple form, you find a hill, get to the bottom of the hill, run up 45 seconds, repeat for 8 times.


My virtual running coach Greg can't stress how important is to train hills. But what he doesn't know is that Netherlands don't have any hills.

Of course there are some places that you can simulate hills, but that was too much trouble to find for a weekday run considering I should drive to these places instead of running in the neighbourhood. Considering I'm busy with a full-time job, it was not feasible for me to do it, so instead of hills, I tried an interval workout. I hope Coach Greg will understand this. 🙃

10:00 warmup
8 times: (45 seconds run, 1 minute jog)
10:00 cooldown.

I love interval runs because it sometimes increases my vo2max value - which makes me feel better to see improvements.

Running Dynamics

I also ran with HRM-PRO this time - a chest strap from garmin to measure heart rate better than the watch's sensor. It also reports some interesting additional data:

Not sure how should I interpret these data yet, but my ground contact time is mostly in my left foot. That's weird.


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awesome job! nice training technique. :)