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ervin-lemark just finished a 8.25km run, that lasted for 56 minutes.
This run helped ervin-lemark burn 448.0 calories.

Description from Strava: An early Friday afternoon and an opportunity to run some flat mid-distance in the BTC area of Ljubljana. The roads were crowded with cars and people on them wanted to come home. It is the beginning of a long weekend with Monday being a holiday. Great.

The run was easy, the weather quite hot. The photos are from our backyard garden. Hokkaido pumpkin is almost ripe while the tomatoes need some quality time under the sun.

better and better
:ervin :lemark

If you would like to check out this activity on strava you can see it here:

About the Athlete: Recreational runner who loves the great outdoors. The longer the run/hive the better :)


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Cool. btw: sem danes preštel, na njivi imam 29 hokaido buč :)

Bravo, dobra letina.

Pri nas jih je bolj malo. Je pa zato paradižnika ogromno. Žena že ves teden dela omake :)

Lep podaljšan vikend.


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