Total Body Yoga!

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Good day!
Today I feel much better. Still a little bit tired, but no headache, no 39C temperature.
So, I decided to stretch a whole body. I am following Adriene videos. She has all types of yoga for any situation or goal.

It is just 45 minutes video but I did it slower, so it took me a little bit more than an hour.
I am not sure, but maybe I will share my experience with vaccines and some tips to overcome it easier with less struggle.

But now I need to work...

Have a great day!

I just finished a yoga activity that lasted about 1hh:0mm:0ss !


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@neoxian 100% upvote for 124 words and a re-post of someone elses content?
Sounds like a great post for @dbuzz

There is no word that posts have to be 100+, 200+,300+... words. But there is a statement that content should be useful. And I find that post and link inside it useful. At least that video helped a lot of my friends, and I am sure there are many other people who saved that yoga practice too.