Back on the Bike, It's Been A While.

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I haven't worn this Jersey in ages

So many things recently going on, today it felt good to get back out on the road bike. Nothing too demanding, just a quick loop around the suburb.

how well did I do on today's ride

As you can see by the workout, I took it pretty easy. Constantly looked towards the bush, so want to do some overnight camping, maybe get in a one nighter this weekend.

hungry anyone ?

Just have to mention, the councils around New Zealand really look after their cities. With free to use BBQ's stove located at popular places and parks, the Wainuiomata Shopping Centre in this case. I've only seen this one used once.

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 7 months ago  

Nice ride. Glad to see you back out riding. It's been a nice summer in New Zealand so hope you can get some more kilometers before it cools down a bit.

It's been crazy, with the Taupo Cycle not happening I've kinda lost interest in cycling. After today's ride, I kinda miss just riding. I definitely going to go out more now.

Is the stove free to use?

Yes, free to use. I do know those located on camp-grounds, beaches and playgrounds are used a lot. Installation and maintenance are paid for by the councils. For the most part, those that use them keep them clean, which is a good thing.

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