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I just finished a 1.5km running that lasted about 0hh:10mm:30ss !


Hello every one,
First off yes I've been slightly lazy, went and seen my parents who I haven't seen in over a year so we just ate and drank, ha!
I did come back strong though, not with running clearly by the small distance 😂
I went back into heavy lifting, got excited and did heavy sqauts and haven't been able to walk properly, let alone run.
Any who I gave it a quick squirt on the treadmill just to see how he legs were fairing, yeah... Na.
So I did a quick shoulder sesh. Will be back running next week, I think I'll run, then do heavy leg day.
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Nice one bro.. it's a hard gig trying to balance the running with strength training..

Not as hard as trying to get enough calories in to try and prevent any muscle loss from the running though, after long days at work in this heat !LOL

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A cartridge in a bare tree.

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@maccazftw, oh mate tell me about it. Been a hard thing my whole life, I've always wanted a bulked up body but once I get a bit of weight on I start noticing I'm getting puffed out going up flights of stairs, so I then start doing more cardio and feeling good again and bang, back to original weight.
Let me know how you combat the muscle loss, you would think if you do a run and burn 300calories, just eat a nice 300 calorie meal but that's not the case, it just burns the muscle gain and gives you that lean look ahhhhhhh 😅

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I thought running was a heavy leg day !LOL

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