Morning Run: Before the heat

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steevc just finished a 7.01km run, that lasted for 41 minutes.
This run helped steevc burn 407.0 calories.

Description from Strava:

Definitely needed to get out early today, but I am not working, so I could have a little lie-in. It is due to get over 30C this afternoon.

I did my standard run up to and around Fairfield. The hills give me a bit of a workout and it was hard work for me today. I think I am still getting over my COVID-enforced break.

There were a fair few people around, including some runners. I was a little later than I would usually be on a Thursday, so it could be a different crowd.

I did have a swim last night in our pool, so maybe that drained me a little. This morning I picked some plums and apples to give to a friend. The plums are still ripening, so there will be lots more if anyone wants some. We cannot eat them all. I also let the chickens out, but with everything being so dry there is not much for them to peck at, but they do like fallen apples.

Have a great day and stay cool.

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About the Athlete: Older guy trying to keep fit, but still hope to go quicker.


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Nicely done - will see what time we wake up tomorrow, as I fancy an early cycle ride before the heat kicks in. I want to do one that lasts an hour pretty soon, to help shed some lbs. My weight is coming down and certainly feeling the benefits of the weekly kayaking sessions, which over the winter will become rowing machine sessions, unless the winter is not too cold, the right clothing can enable you to carry on a little further out of season.

Good stuff Steve! I've had a little break from running but will be back on it at the start of September, with a view to doing a half marathon later in the year. Might take a few days break in the middle of September though ;)

Even in the heat? That's cool. I can't really imagine myself running in the heat, but I guess getting up early before it gets hotter is the trick.

It wasn't that hot then, so don't worry for me.


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I have been trying to be consistent with working out but it has been really difficult.

I find it difficult to wake up early and so when I wake up it is difficult to jog where I live as it is a work area.

Keep the consistency.. It's really worth admiring

Nice job on your run. I need to do a better job of extending my workouts. Maybe when I am finally retired I will be able to do that. Most mornings I don't have more than 20 to 30 minutes to work out before I have to head to work and that is getting up at 4! I can't imagine if I tried to work out longer than that. This heat is no joke! Take it easy!

We each do what we can and something has to be better than nothing.

Nice one Steve! !PIZZA


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