Yes, very brown! 😩
The wind turbine is on the road by the RSPB, between Sandy and Potton.
Well spotted! 😃

Ah, there are a few turbines around here. There's one with a load of solar panels just north of Arlesey. Not so much wind, but plenty of sun right now.


Ooh, that's brilliant!
I said yesterday, we should have invested in solar panels looking at predicted energy costs! But it always seemed expensive.. Expensive is a very relative term... 😉

I had a quote for a solar set-up. With batteries it was about £12k. With the way electricity prices are going that could pay back fairly quickly.

Ooh, curious where you went for that? Wouldn't have a clue where to start!

There was a group buy thing from Central Beds council. We may not buy this time, but we should have some money for stuff like that soon.

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