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RE: some ab exercises are really bad for you

in EXHAUST2 months ago

I have been doing sit-ups, but maybe I should stick with plank. There's so much conflicting advice out there. I'm a skinny bugger so my belly does not look too bad, but it may be too late to get that six-pack. I've read that you really need to get the fat down for that and I like cakes.


and i like cakes. haha, best comment on here for sure. I like beer and that is why I exercise. I wouldn't even say that I like to exercise but since my love for beer isn't going away any time soon, I have to do it!

We all have our reasons for exercising. For me it's about getting that balance in life of health and enjoyment. Beer and cake can be part of life too.

...and I like cakes

At least your honest @steevc!

To be fair, if its a choice between 'a visible six-pack' and cake I suspect I'll always choose cake!

Part of my reason for running is so I can eat cake. I was developing a bit of a gut, but back to the same waist size as my teens now.


Ah well I guess I'm the opposite.

"I have just gone for a nice long run, I can have this cake as a reward"

And then I'd wonder why the scales didn't change!

Well I do something like that. I like beer too, but go for quality over quantity. Have to find a balance in life.

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