Morning Run - Spring in my step

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I just finished a 17.323km running that lasted about 1hh:41mm:24ss !


What a difference to last week. It is about 10C warmer and spring flowers are starting to show. The forecast had a 50% chance of rain, but I think it came down before I went out. I decided today to run into Letchworth town centre, which is not a route I have used before.

The start was familiar as I ran up to Fairfield and out the other side along the road. Instead of running past Standalone Farm as I have before I took the long road towards the Spirella building. That road is a bit up and down. Then I headed into town and past the cinema. That was one of several locations from The World's End that I passed.

I finding the running hard today, but opted to push on for distance rather than pace. I took some back streets towards the industrial area. As a 'garden city' Letchworth has lots of trees and some nice houses. I took the road that leads to the council tip and there was a big queue of cars waiting for it to open. Then it was onto the Greenway. That was not too muddy today, but there were quite a few cyclists and runners on it.

The last few kilometres were hard work. I had walked a couple of brief stretches to recover a bit. If I had been feeling less worn out I might have added some distance to make it a half marathon, but I was happy enough to go straight home. At least I seem to recover fairly quickly, so I had a shower after I had cooled down a bit and am now having a coffee whilst I write this.

I have a few chores to do today. We are doing a trim of our big hedge and I need to clean out the chickens. I also have a load of stuff to put in the attic.

Runners should check out the Strava Hive Running Club. @bingbabe seems to be too busy running to post.

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Have a good day. Run free and stay well.
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I'd never noticed that league table before, Strava is a great tool.

I love this time of year in the UK - the very early spring!

Good effort, nice set up for a half next week!

I could be happy enough if it was like this all year. Been in the garden all afternoon and it's lovely.

Ah love those early spring days! Getting the seedlings started off, it's a great time of year!

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