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RE: Announcement | Game Development Community

This is a needed and excellent community you have made. Hopefully there will be more people joining and knowing they got somewhere else they can post in, more specific to all these above mentioned things related to game development.

Hope your game is coming along nicely, always good to see you bringing posts out to show the progress you have done.


My game is going decent. It has been a rather light week so not much to post on that front as of yet. With the weekend I have some time to pour into it now.

How has VR game development been going?

At least you keep at it when you can, slowly but surely!
Haven't done the VR development in a while, but I might look at it again soon, just had so many things I have wanted to do, been busy and been sorting myself out.

Getting back into trying to post a little extra soon, so getting content and sorting out what I will be looking to make in either VR or learning AI.