KNIT Finance AMA Recap on Decentralized Club TG Group with Sainath Gupta(CEO, KNIT FINANCE)

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Hello Everyone!!!

Here is another cool AMA session with the Knit Finance CEO, Sainath Gupta.

Lots of AMA sessions will make you understand better what the project is about since it is with the project CEO.


AMA on Decentralized Club TG

AMA has 4 sessions,

  • Introduction
  • Twitter Question
  • Best Website Questions
  • LIVE Questions


AMA started with the host asking Sainath Gupta some personal background questions.

Question 1

  • Question: Can you provide a brief introduction to the core team behind Knit Finance?

  • Sainath Response: I am Sainath G, founder Aasaanpay India’s first Mobile POS in2011, have a decade-plus rich experience in Financial Technologies. The tech team's cumulative experience is 20 years and so is the business team is 15 years.

Question 2

  • Question: Can you talk a bit about what innovations has Knit Finance brought to the table?

  • Sainath Response: We are building on hottest chains like Polka, Binance Smart chain, Polygon, and Ethereum, very few are doing the same. In addition to it, we will also support multiple asset classes: Crypto, Capital ( tesla al ), and bullion ( Gold, silver al ) at a later stage

Question 3

  • Question: What is that one significant milestone Knit Finance has achieved which you are proud to share?

  • Sainath Response: Many, a great team is one, on the product side::
    Alpha launch: Dec 2020 success
    Beta launch: Jan 2021 success
    Mainnet launch: Mar 30: On-time
    You can keep updated about our updates at

Question 4

  • Question: What is Knit Finance gunning for further in 2021?

  • Sainath Response: We are working hard for a Great product launch, good liquidity on multiple chains, and great adaptation.

Question 5

  • Question: Can you please elaborate a bit for our community on how will Knit Finance benefit them?

  • Sainath Response: Our solution brings different assets to the Dexes, hence kick-starting whole ecosystems around each chain, making it a win-win for all.

Twitter Questions

Question 1

  • Question: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

  • Sainath Response: We are working on providing a win-win mechanism for the same.

Question 2

  • Question: I read that in your Alpha phase, you are able to have support for Tesla and Apple when it comes to bringing real-world assets to DeFi. Could you tell us how is this possible and what other real-world assets are we going to see soon?

  • Sainath Response: Our focus is to support any fungible asset, do watch our for more updates, We have figured a mechanism by which this thing can be supported

Website Best Question

Question 1

  • Question: There are five common core issues in technology today: scalability, security, interoperability, speed and privacy. How will Knit Finance tackle these problems?

  • Sainath Response: Its delicate balance between all, we have a great experienced team at so should be able to pull it off with the right portions of everything

Question 2

  • Question: Most DeFi projects especially those ones offering yield farming are driven up by hype and scarcity, so when the hype dies the project dies. What’s the key to sustaining Your Project yield farming?

  • Sainath Response: We have a real need to use case-based APY, hence should work well in our view in long term to provide liquidity for dexes which are important for the ecosystem.

Question 3

  • Question: KNIT aims to bridge multiple non-Ethereum blockchains with ERC20 in Phase 1. What will be the first chains that will be part of this protocol? How will they make the interoperability between these chains the best on the market without the risk of slippage?

  • Sainath Response: We are going to support 10 crypto assets in stage 1 launch on the ERC20 chain, stay tuned to our group: for more updates

LIVE Question

Question 1

  • Question: Do users demands and feedbacks considered in the development of KnitFinance ecosystem? If yes, In which ways do you provide this?

  • Sainath Response: Our idea is to develop a Grass root level community whose feedback we continuously take to develop new products and services hence demands and feedbacks are considered very deeply in the team's culture.

Question 2

  • Question: Presently as of today, can I possibly use your token in real life for payment?

  • Sainath Response: Not currently but we will work with some partners who can support real-life payments using power tokens it's part of our road map.

Question 3

  • Question: We all know partnership is very important to strengthen a project, does KnitFinance plans to add partnerships? If so can we know who or what projects that you've been looking forward to working with?

  • Sainath Response: We believe in growing together there are nearly 22 projects in the pipeline for partnerships we will announce soon please be part of our Telegram groups for updates.

Question 4

  • Question: KNIT Finance works under the sythetization model, where any Erc20 can be converted to a synthetic, but there exists any guide or tutorial that explains How mint your synthetics?

  • Sainath Response: There are even video guides that are being made we will soon share with all.

Question 5

  • Question: Where can I buy KFT token? Any upcoming exchange listings?

  • Sainath Response: We are planning an IDO with a well-known platform we will soon share details.

AMA ended here, I hope you got a few of your questions answered.

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