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Today I got a very bad experience of browsing. Though one of the main factors was my ISP which was blocking a few sites the other reason was a bug in the Metamask extension. I suddenly noticed that my browsing speed reduced drastically and even though my internet connection was intact and details about my network connectivity were very good, I was experiencing poor speed. The websites were taking lots of time to load.


I was confused as to what would be the problem. I initially thought it was only something to do with my ISP but later when I checked the console logs in the developer tools, I found out that it was not only with the ISP but also with the extensions that I used on my Brave browser. I wanted to verify this again and so tested the same in other browsers as well and noticed the same behavior.

The error message that I got in the console about the MetaMask extension was continuously repeating for every second of something like spam. I was wondering how much load it would create on my system's performance considering the number of tabs I use on my browser. I found the same issue on my Netbox browser as well. I then disabled and removed my metamask extension from the browser to get rid of the error message.

There was also an official article link provided in the error message about this glitch. But I don't know when they would be implementing this change as it is so annoying. In the case of the Brave browser, I guess Metamask is my default wallet on my browser and I do not have an option to disable it on Brave. I'm stuck with these console error messages for now which keeps emerging whenever there is a change to the webpage I'm browsing.


When I checked the document section from the link they have provided in the error message it says that the auto-refresh event happens only when window.web3 is accessed but in my case, that shouldn't happen. It is so strange to me. I was even wondering if there was a script in the background or something that is trying to hit my metamask wallet. Maybe an attack or something but I doesn't know how to find it out. I hope there is nothing serious about this problem. I also don't have any time and patience to go through this issue in detail.

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