Implications of knowledge in our daily lives

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Hello friends, in this opportunity I want to share with all of you a very deep reflection related to the fact of acquiring knowledge with our daily life.

If we rely on the diversity of ways to obtain knowledge, we must recognize that not only through classical education in schools and universities we can acquire it, there is a very valuable knowledge and is the one we get through the experiences that we accumulate from what we are living through time, it is important to note that when we analyze all the experiences we have lived and that in turn we can reflect on the good and bad that has happened to us, then there is a high probability that our knowledge obtained is quite significant.

We all feel very pleased when we have obtained personalized knowledge, that is to say derived from our own experiences, since we can guarantee genuine learning, derived from our experiences, another reason why individual knowledge is attractive and pleasing to us is because the circumstances that we go through in our lives allow us to constantly test ourselves.

Constantly testing ourselves means to obtain knowledge that derives in the fulfillment of our proposed objectives, on the road we have to travel there will be obstacles, however these obstacles should not limit us, as this is part of the learning process that will help us to obtain valuable knowledge.

In our daily life we must recognize that there is an interaction and dynamism product of the common rhythm that society follows, we deal with other people, we seek to have influence on others, all this makes us think that there is a knowledge of life that goes beyond individualized learning, that is, within the knowledge of our daily life there is also the knowledge obtained from the interaction and dynamism with other people.

I can conclude that the importance of the knowledge obtained from our daily life goes beyond being able to distinguish an individualized knowledge or a product of interaction with others, what really matters is that we understand that knowledge is free, and therefore we must obtain knowledge derived from all existing forms.