HP/RC Delegation Options for Dividends on Hive!

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Hive Community

We as the Hive Community is blessed by the many ways of earning a little bit extra liquid Hive, Tokens or HP.
A lot of us know about the regular ways, like Posting, Commenting and Curating!

But there is a lot of Dividend paying tokens on Hive and also accounts paying out that Token by delegating HP and even a Token paying out for delegation RC!

Most of us know that $BRO is paying out liquid and if you delegate to Brofi you will get $BRO in retur! + Legion as an Airdrop ;)

$EDS pays out Hive aswell and you get those by buying their miner EDSM or EDSMM or just buying $EDS on the market

I have try to find new tokens paying out some kinda of Hive or Swap.hive which I didn't knew off.
I found $COM, $COM isn't new and its part of @hivehustlers, but it pays out in Swap.Hive.

You can get $COM by either Staking $HUSTLER Tokens or by delegating HP to @hivehustlers. By delegating to @hivehustlers you support their project and help increases the rewards they give us :D I have just delegated 3K :D

You do need to stake your $COM to receive Swap.Hive.

$BYT is also paying out in Swap.Hive. I had a few before, but I sold it when it went up in price, but I am looking to sell other tokens and get some $BYT again.

The one paying out in their token from delegating RC is @youarealive. I literally just found that out today! So I delegated 10,000.00b RC (Whatever that equals to in HP) - Its not the best option to get more $alive tokens, you are better off delegating some HP since the APR is much higher. But! Many of us have some RC idling, I would sugguest delegating it to @youarealive and get some more $alive for yourself which pays out in many different tokens :D

I haven't seen any other token pay out by delegating RC to them.


Excellent post!
I'm always looking for new tokens to add to my portfolio.
It should be good to add the APR of some of them.
EDSMM gives 20%
EDS 36% currently
i'm not sure about the rest
Thanks for the info!

Eds gives the best APR, no doubt.
Bro is hard to know since it have a lot of assets under them. Brofi gives 11%

I am not sure about COM though.
Same with BYT not sure and ye not sure with Alive aswell

Yeah, delegating to @aliveandthriving gives around 50% APR on ALIVEM tokens. And ALIVEM around 25% in other tokens, BRO included.
And for me one of the best tokens too, AWESOME @thisisawesome

Wait what. Do we get AliveMiners from @aliveandthriving and not only Alive?

Delegating ALIVE to @aliveandthriving gives ALIVEM. 😁🙏💚✨🤙

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- @tydynrain - Comment Moderator

Thats insane! :D

Hehe...and ALIVEM give ALIVE and some AWESOME too! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙

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- @tydynrain - Comment Moderator

What does the Awesome token give or do?

You can delegate to @thisisawesome

APR on token value for our AWESOME token is now 398% if you bought it on day 1, and 54% if you buy it today, or it is 69% if you buy it today given the performance over the past week.

In the 573 days since our AWESOME token was launched it has increased in token value by 625%, all 100% backed by the combination of the Hive Power on @thisisawesome and the Hive in our buy order on @awesomecuration, and tokens issued minus burned are now 581.517 in total.

Token Value (100% backed) of our AWESOME token is now 7.250 Hive per AWESOME.


Thanks for the awesome support! Make sure you are using the 'hivehustlers' or 'hustler' tag to have your post show on our front end and earn HUSTLER tokens


Ohh shit! I forgot the tags!
Thanks and you are welcome :D

But when it's appropriate to use the hustler tag is a confusing topic !LOLZ


Did you hear about the cartoonist being investigated?
Police on the case say he has a sketchy past.

Credit: reddit
@hivehustlers, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @dlmmqb

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How is it hard? HiveHustlers is an entrepreneur community so if you are making money online, it's appropriate.

so that case everyone is making money even by blogging. Does that mean hustler falls in general tag? Every blogger is hustling too

Are you blogging about making money? Then cool. If it’s just random stuff, I just won’t upvote it, but it’s not like I can stop anyone from using the tag. Most tags become general post dumps anyway because people don’t care about the actual use of it, they just want tokens. People post garbage to Hivelist tag all the time that have absolutely no relevance. I just don’t upvote it, or I will even downvote and mute if I notice it’s just spam.

Makes sense! I reduced using hustler tag based on a similar understanding. We are on the same page. I will try to refer back people to this comment if I notice hive friends using it.

Every other community token that has tags has the same problem.

The moment you have staked the power of a token (on HIVE-Engine) you either separate it on a different account or massive voting can happen where you don't expect/want. Lots of LEO users do it... for example. I haven't yet bothered... but if hustler token would have delegation feature, I would for sure separate the way of voting.

Some people don't even realize they have power... and can be "voting" without even realizing it.

For example, every time I vote with my master account... you will see a massive HUSTLER vote... but because sometimes I am just voting via HIVE, I don't always understand.

That’s fine, it’s not something I really police or anything anymore. Just became a game of whack a mole and a waste of my time.

Yay! 🤗
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I didn't know about the possibility of delegating RC to yourarelive
I will delegate some RCs as well
Thanks for the info

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Now there is a career in ruins.

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Exactly! It was also news to me! :D

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