Neoxian Game Master Announcement: Riddle Night

Hey guys, Neoxian Game Master here. It’s been a week since our last game, and that means we’ll be playing again this weekend. I’m sure everyone is excited in anticipation about the weekend’s game.

This Hive announcement to provide all the details of the game and answer some of the questions I was asked about the games. In this way, the Hive post will serve as a reference for new players who just found out about the game on Hive to refer to in order to understand the game. But we’ll still put the announcement on our City Discord too in #citygames for citizens who don’t want to check it out here on Hive. Announcements will always be posted on the city discord first so citizens have a first peek of the new game for the week.

I had thought of announcing it only in the city discord, but if I did that, the questions we answer will get lost up in chat (because the city chat is soooo busy) and new people who join the games from Hive or even new citizens will always keep asking the same questions to understand the games as well. So putting it here on Hive leaves a permanent reference to the gameplay guide and rules for everyone forever.

And Now The Reveal Of This Weekend’s Game

For the game of this weekend, we’ll be playing….


I don’t think I need to explain much for this week’s theme because I’m pretty sure we all know what riddles are about.

Only few things I want to add are that to make the game fun, let’s try as much as we can to select riddles with clear clues. I’m not saying the riddles have to be easy, but the clues need to be as clear as possible to assist the other person understand and decipher.

There are many many riddle samples on the internet you can check out, but it’d be more interesting to see you come up with your own riddles. If you pick riddles from the internet, the internet giveth away the answer that easy as well. Haha

As always guys, let’s remember to bold our riddles to separate it from in game chat

The Discord Technicalities And General Gameplay Rules

  • I’ll create a giveaway in the giveaway room and everyone reacts to it. The giveaway I create will have two winners. Everyone can enter the giveaway but only the 2 selected winners get to play.

  • Player A presents person B riddle and player B has to decipher the riddle. Then it’s B’s turn to present their riddle scenario to A too, and the next giveaway starts.

  • The total gameplay time will be 1hour 30 minutes, 2 hours (or more, but hopefully not as it’ll get stressful) if the turn up is great and we still have many citizens who haven’t played.

  • Mr Dragon🐲 will play with us once a while when he has some time to spare, to grace the occasion(I doubt that’ll happen often or at all though so no promises)

Gameplay Rules

As always…

  1. Have fun
  2. Have fun
  3. Be creative and interesting

For now these are pretty much all the rules. Be a human being and have fun, basically. Lol. I’m trying to keep it as simple as it can be to keep it fun. But we certainly need rules or else people will go overboard. Like I already said, as the weeks progresses, there’ll be tweaks to the rules and we’ll have different games every week(hopefully). If we want this to keep going though, the turnouts will have to be encouraging and participation should be good too.

It’s important to note though that the game is not just for people already in the Neoxian city. You can join us today and play with us this weekend!

Hive is so full of articles but people don’t really know what we look like offline. Our personalities and the stories behinds our lives. Come play with us this weekend in the Neoxian City Discord to have an off-chain interaction with some of the Hivers you already might know and find out more about them! Don’t miss it this Sunday!

This is a real time countdown to the game time. Courtesy of Mr Dragon’s tech savviness:). I’m working on a way to include people from all over the world in our games, so it is very likely that our game time will change in the next game.

Please ask me questions if you don’t understand anything. If you have any concerns about any of the rules, please let me know too so we can review them before game time. You can tag and mention others I missed to mention in this post so they don’t miss out as well. A reblog and upvote will be appreciated too. Head over to the Neoxian City Discord on Sunday and let’s have some fun!!!

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Sorry about the tag, guys. If you’d like me to stop tagging you in the next game night publications, please let me know on the comments and I will. If I missed your username in the tag and you’d like me to tag you next time, please do let me know too.

Game night cover image design credit is to @olujay


Wow .. riddle? My little weakness 😂 but I gat to try , 👍❤️😄

Hehe let's see what you got:)


Play me a fiddle so simple, and then we could pull up in the middle. You see I'm single, and you are ready to mingle. Enough with the riddles, and hit me with the jingles. What am I?

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😂 Detective already in the mood.

Oh, yes!
Riddle me this!

Bro wtf you need to calm down a bit for sluggers like me to follow:)

I don’t think I need to explain much for this week’s theme because I’m pretty sure we all know what riddles are about.

You need to explain cos I don’t. Thank you.😂

I'll send you a google link😂

Keep your link.😂

This is great game full package with Neoxian City and would like to learn to participate.

Nice I love riddles:)
What time game starts?

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Wow its going to be an interesting moment once again in the city.
Well done our amazing game master.

And thanks for the correction of my name boss 😃

Wowww riddles, let's keep it interesting this week....

I am loving the sound of this already, see you all in some minutes...

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