My digital art. Flower 🌺

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My digital art. Flower 🌺

I drew a series of flowers. I want to make puzzles out of flower art. I think it will be interesting.

I like to draw art in series. That's what they taught us in art school. When you create not one picture, but several on the same theme, then it's much more interesting. You get the whole plot.

I drew a peony. I love peonies. Such beautiful flowers.

Besides peonies I also drew lilies and roses.

I want to diversify my blog with flowers) mostly I like to draw mythical creatures and my favorite characters from the movie "Alien. Testament."

I am a fan of this movie. I have a lot of art with the heroes of the movie. Also a lot of statuettes in the form of characters of the movie, cups with the image of the characters of the movie, sketchbooks, boxes and many other little things)

Sometimes I draw art to create calendars or covers for notebooks. I also like to draw drawings to create puzzles.

I originally drew this art for a diary.



They are both stunning flowers. My favorite is the peony.