Sunday Scorcher

Yesterday was a scorcher - 38°C and the only sign of approaching winter, the blooming Cape Honeysuckle (Tecomaria Capensis). It was a day to stay indoors once we returned from a local market.

So chuffed with my little haul from the autumn market at Red Earth Farm, yesterday. A bright, colorful shawl/scarf from a Boot Boutique and great easy read novels sold to raise funds for animal care.

Then it was home, mesmerised by the unfolding tragedy in Cape Town.

Finally, a simple salad supper - the fourth meal from our free range chicken and another planned for Tuesday.

Today dawned cold, grey and wet. I wish we could send this to Cape Town where people are being evacuated because of the fire that is still out of control.

Keep the people of Cape Town in your thoughts.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Life in the countryside, appetizing food with a good read to follow, markets supporting charities always offer different, well that is how I find them one never walks away empty handed.

Cape fire is total devastation, so much lost!

Wishing you a wonderful new week Fiona.

The UCT/Table Mountain fire: devastating. We were concerned about a few people we know, but so far, all ok. A friend's friend may have lost everything in the Disa complex (the 3 towers). As for the Jagger Library, that is beyond comprehension.

Good week to you, too, Joan.

Library and old windmill a great historical loss, by what we have heard no loss of life in humans, animals are suffering and the SPCA Cape is requesting donation assistance to buy medical supplies, I put the link up on my FB page.

Good to hear those you know are all safe, 'most items' can be replaced.