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Blue-Green Management received a call from Brit Awards with an invitation for Rodney to perform in the award show. That week, his album went to number 2 as its peak, while at the same time, "Breakout" peaked at number 3. It is a possible way to promote his album in UK too.

He also received a platinum award for "Breakout" single. The album received a Silver award. It was awarded virtually, and will be handed with the plaque after his performance at the Brit Awards.

Rodney's friends congratulated him for his achievements by sharing Blue-Green Management's post with these:
Gold Record Award in the US (Album) - 540k sales
One Million Global Sales (Album) - 1.03 Million Sales
Silver Record Award in the UK (Album) - 80k sales
"Breakout" (Single) Gold Record (US) - nearing 1 million sales
"Breakout" (Single) Global Sales - 1.4 million sales
"Breakout" (Single) Platinum in the UK - 300k sales
Upcoming Brit Awards Performance

His Discography:
Breakout - US #3 / UK - #2 / Global #3
Breakout - US #4 / UK #3 / Global #4

Centerstage Management became aware of Rodney's Brit Awards upcoming performance so they contacted the management of the award giving body offering a performance for Jason. They were told the team will discuss and respond soon.

Centerstage Management also released the achievements of Jason to counter Blue-Green Management's post with these:
Listen (Single) - Platinum in the US
Listen (Single) - Platinum in UK
Listen (Single) - 2 Million Sales Global
For Me (Single) - Gold in the US
For Me (Single) - Silver in the UK
For Me (Single) - 800k Sales Global
Winner (Album) - Close to 500k sales in the US
Winner (Album) - Close to Silver status in the UK
Winner (Album) - Close to 700k sales globally

They also released an official discography of Jason but excepting the performances from Centerstage, but included the coronation single:
Winner - US #2 / UK - #8 / Global - #2
Listen - US #5 / UK - #7 / Global #8
For Me - US #3 / UK #6 / Global #4

Centerstage Management just released Melanie's first extended play and also released her achievements:
When You Believe (song with Emily) - Platinum in the US
When You Believe (song with Emily) - Gold in the UK
When You Believe (song with Emily) - 1.5 Million Sales Global
Special (Single) - 100k US sales
Special (Single) - 180k Sales Global

Her Discography:
Special (EP) - TBR
Singles -
When You Believe (with Emily) - US #6 / UK #14 / Global #8
Finally (first single) - US #18 / UK #24 / Global #30

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