Prophecies About The Future: What Will Happen Tomorrow?

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The tiniest things can send us into deep reflection sometimes. I read a book recently where a character asked his friend who 'sees the future' to tell him what he could see about him. The friend replied, "are you sure you want to know?" The character paused for a while, realized that he may not like what he would hear and changed his mind.

I stopped reading the book at this point and started to reflect. I pull a lot of stops whenever I read, lol. Any of us would give anything to know the future, to know what tomorrow would be like.

I wonder, why do we have so much interest in knowing what the future holds? Could we not live each day as it comes without worrying about what the future holds?


David Ropeik in his article titled Why Do We Keep Predicting The Future If We Are So Often Wrong? sought to answer my questions when he explained that we seek to know the future,

… to give ourselves the feeling of control over our fate...I mean fate as in and death.

Well, in a sense, David Ropeik is correct. No doubt we are uncertain about the future - no one knows tomorrow except God. We are easily susceptible to fear which arises from uncertainty about the future. The less we know, the more threatened we feel, because lack of knowledge means we don't know what we need to know to protect ourselves.

The need to protect ourselves comes from self preservation. Without knowledge, and some sense of control, we're more afraid. What if we all have the ability to see the future? When we have an inkling of what tomorrow would be, we set out to 'change or try to change' things to suit our lives! What if I don't like what I see and I find ways to change it and changing it changes things unjustly for someone else? I am not even sure I expressed myself clearly.

The universe works in such a way that our lives and fates are intertwined. If I have the ability to change my tomorrow, it may have an adverse effect on someone else's tomorrow, good or bad. Where everyone sets out to change their tomorrow to suit their desires, the world could fall into chaos!

Now I understand better why we love to hear predictions, even though most who attempt it tend to get it wrong. I understand why a lot of people gladly seek out those with alleged special powers—soothsayers, oracles, crystal ball gazers, clairvoyants, palm readers, tea leaf readers, dream interpreters, stargazers, and the occasional witch—or professional futurists. Some have been badly hurt by wrong predictions from charlatans.

Those who predict the rise or ATH of cryptocurrencies in the financial world have lots of followers. Why? Our need to know how best to weave the future for our benefit. A single prediction or statement from them sets the crypto and finance world on fire. People scrambling to lay their hands on such coins or tokens or stocks so they could benefit from it.

Why resort to these extremes to know the future? Survival. Yes, I get it. Knowing the future would mean depending on your instinct sometimes, your inner voice, your conscience and for those who believe, your FAITH.


Every step we take, every air we breathe, down to the littlest, insignificant thing we do, they are all done in faith. For instance, with every step we take, we do not know what will happen next but we have the confidence that those steps will take us to where we need to go.

How about we keep living every day in faith, staying positive and hoping for a better tomorrow rather than running from pole to pole, seeking for predictions about the future? What if we hear a prediction and it's unpleasant and we have no power to change it? I believe this is where FAITH comes in.

Have a pleasant, restful day.

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Sometimes people like to hear prediction it gives some certain kind of peace of mind. However like you said, it's easier to live everyday without worrying about the future because sometimes the predictions might be wrong

Exactly! Living every day by faith brings us peace and less hassle about tomorrow. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great week ahead. 🙂🍀

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