Integration Seminar Week

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Hello Hive fam,

How are you ?

About me ? I am going more better days after days.

I am slowly taking my marks on the new page of my life.

This week, I began my university first courses. On this week they have organized a Seminar to get to know us better and talk about the Bachelor program degree.

To start my studies in this stress I have been trough and this pendemic crisis is truly unique and a first. All the more , I am going to follow a trinational (FR-DE-CH) and trilingual in French, English and Deutsch courses of study.

Of course, the subject of the current crisis was discussed. We talked about ethics, then on the last day we had the chance to have our first course in intercultural skills and to exchange with students from the last course and the association IBMA.

Welcome in Colmar

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I did not had the time to visit the city but on our road to Mittelwihr, we had seen a great and wonderful statue in the middle of a crossroads.

Made by Bartholdy, a french painter and sculptor born in Colmar. His major project was The Statue of Liberty.

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Oh my God, do you know what? There was a fire in Colmar on the first day I arrived, Monday 21st September.

Just a few blocks away, on the way home with a classmate, we saw a huge fire! The black smoke rose up in the sky and the smoke filled the streets of Colmar. It was horrible.

When I think of all the particles falling into the air we breathe and in the atmosphere it depress me and always questions me.

It was the Schroll company that burned down.

WhatsApp Image 20200927 at 00.16.291.jpeg

During the week, we everyday goes to Mittelwihr at Le Mittel Auberge and ate there everyday. This place is wonderful, in Alsace, and in the middle of vineyards. I have taken a picture of a good Dinner we had together.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-27 at 13.33.10.jpeg

I wanted to share with you a speciality of Alsace. The Cheese Cake. We were lucky to taste and to eat it. It was very sweet and yummi :)
WhatsApp Image 20200927 at 00.13.00.jpeg

We finished friday, I discover I am the oldest one 👵, I will be like their mama, aha. I am very excited now, I look forward to start and learn. My heart feel happy and more calm. I will focus on my studies and future.

How about you? What did you do this past week and what are your plan for the next one?

With a lot of love and hugs 💋



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Congratulations on your success. I wish you more luck.

Thank you very much dear new friend, I really appreciate it 🙂
What are you plan this end of week ?

Are you on @galenkp initiative;weekend engagement you will find out there and if not I will be expecting you.
Happy new month and power up day 👍

Mostly Work and Family routine for me. At least your getting outside sunshine more than me.

:/ It also good too but do not work a lot sister friend. Think about yourself too, do not forget you.
Yes, I am outside these times and I really enjoy with precautions; this is precious.

Big hugs to you and family 😚

that cheesecake looks awesome!

It was... I appreciate every part on it ;)