Personal Energy Management - How can we do that?

Ever heard of energy management?

It's not about electricity. It's about the energy we carry inside our body and mind. Maybe you notice, how we rush to finish one take after another, to meet our to-do list, and at the end of the day feeling exhausted. Because by then all our energy gone and we don't feel to take self-care or become ignorant to make work-life balance.



Don't feel guilty because you are not alone. There's a saying, 'don't manage your energy, manage your time'! Here are a few ways we can be efficient in our work, side by side we can feel the energy to live our life fullest!

Map your time management and personal energy management. It's like knowing how you are finishing your tasks and how you are giving yourself time to make your life better.

Combine time and energy management together. Like, making room for self-care, time to take rest, take a break, and better sleep.

Make space to deal with emotions. We have to go through so many things, there's no space to sit for a cry. It's better to make some free space to understand emotions, feeling, and decide our response.

Balance your physical and mental energy. Don't take too much pressure from both, try to make a balance to make your life easy, every day.

Make it flexible. Don't force yourself to finish everything if you are not feeling and not capable of. Make space to do it later and try to automate it.

Prioritize yourself. There's no way to take better care of our energy without taking care of us. Before finishing all the to-do, care yourself.

Life became so busy and hard, I can understand how impossible it became to manage everything. But once we understand where our energy going, how we are getting energy, it will help us more to balance it better. Try to do your best to make your life better through your personal energy management technique. I hope it's gonna help you!