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Hello all,

I've been playing this new mind bending game: 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel

Technically it's only 4d chess (not that bad right?!), with the usual x and y (z isn't used for anything), also you can travel in time, and to different time steams.

This game is crazy, it took me a while to wrap my brain around it. You can have a board without a king, and another with 2 kings, and doubled queens, etc.

The queen is insanely powerful in this game, even moreso then regular chess. Bishops are powerful too, Rooks seem almost useless strangely enough, since the game seems to end well before they can do much.

What usually happens is that your king gets check mated far in the past by the queen, and there is nothing you can do about that, since you can't change the past (unless you can branch and somehow save yourself).


Here is a game I'm proud of, where I beat the computer. I'm playing white. Everything seemed like normal chess in the original time stream (second from the bottom), but then I did something crazy: I moved my queen into the past, to double up with her past self, spawning a timeline with 2 queens (bottom timeline), and the original with no queens.

I did my best to hold my own in the original, now queenless timeline, while pressing hard in the doubled timeline. It seemed to work well, because the computer was forced to send it's own queen into the past, trying a similar tactic (third timeline from the bottom), but I was able to capture both queens, and somehow not get mated.

Black tried one last desparate gambit, sending its bishop far into the past, to create the last timeline on the top. Unfortunately for black, that was a timeline where I still had double queens and was quickly able to get a mate: quintiple mate including a past and future mate, shown with the orange lines.

The AI doesn't seem very smart. When it reachs Deep Blue levels, a human wouldn't stand a chance.

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ah never played chess so don't know what is it😜

You've never played chess???

No, is it something I should have played?

umm I don't think I am genius like you. Chess is for brilliant people :P

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