"Splinterlands Art Contest Week 105" - Hand drawing of "DARK ENCHANTRESS"

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Hi there Lovely and Creative People of Hive World,
Hope you all are fine and having awesome day with your family and friends.

I am sharing my hand drawing as an entry for #splinterlands monster art contest. Anyone of you can participate with your Monster art submission, visit the original contest post by Clicking Here

This time, I tried to draw "Dark Enchantress" first I hand drawn the character and try to colour it manually but than I done colouring on Photoshop :D.

My Entry for 105th week


Original Image on Splinterlands Market

Image Source


Steps :

First I draw it and than move it to laptop and coloured it. Check step-wise images of my working on it

Start with Magical Hat and then face hair


Draw folding arms as saw on the real image

Complate my hand drawing, rub the hat and increase the size of it :D

Try to use pencil colours :D

Use marker first for yellow, red and brown colours

Darken outlines using black pointer




After that I put this last piece on Adobe Photoshop and again coloured it there and you can see the first image of this post as my Final Piece


Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Yet another nice splinterlands drawing. I would like to see it painted digitally. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Very much :)
I already coloured it digitally :D using adobe photoshop (1st image of the post)

wao, there are many contests and challenges with drawings, i am glad that many are doing, i hope to see the next ones to come.