ArchonTribe News 29: Winners And Contests!

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Hello everyone!

The 29th edition of the ArchonTribe News is out!

We support communities with our automated tools and services and here's the weekly post about contests and winners in Archon-powered communities.


We don't have statistics on the rewards for comments in this newsletter, take a look at the previous, or, wait for the next :) 😁


Contests winners and rewards! 🏆 🏆

Shadow hunters (SMaSh) - Show me a Shadow contest round 213, hosted by @melinda010100, winners are: @jamirul, @karbea, @iraeli, @adinapoli, @maharinsa, @hive.hunter, @meraz01, @babstar, @emeka4, and @mariamor785. Each winner received 1 HBD this week, 100 POINTS from @ecency, and an entry into @pixresteemer's Re-hive contest.
Honorable mentions @samuel-oguneso, and @sammy00. Each received 5 LENT tokens and 50 Ecency POINTS.


You can enter Shadow hunters (SMaSh) contest round 214 here, rewards 10 HIVE or 10 HBD, 10 LEN Tokens, 1000 Ecency POINTS!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Reflection hunters contest round 59, hosted by @olgavita, winners are @jishan5, @ablaze, @alechi, @arbalestarx7, @rosmadirazali, @decentropia, @lovelyvyna, @capitanabeach, @photowanze, and @kohsamui99, Each received 1 HBD and 100 Ecency points.
Honorable mention @muthafaka, received 100 Ecency points.


Enter Reflection hunters contest round 60 here, rewards 10 HBD and 1000 @ecency POINTS!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me a Photo) contest round 62, hosted by @nelinoeva, winners are @galca, @steven-patrick, @sunscape, @bendany, and @farm-mom. Each winner received 2 HBD, 2 NATURE tokens, and 200 @ecency points.


You can enter Feathered Friends - SMaP (Show Me A Photo) - Contest Round 63 here, rewards 10 HIVE or 10 HBD, 10 NATURE tokens, and 1000 Ecency POINTS!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Photochain Challenge Edition 112, hosted by @davidesimoncini, winners are @kvinkyl, and @apnigrich. Each received 1 HIVE.
Honorable mentions @elizacheng, and @gems.and.cookies, each received 1 HIVE SBD. Each valid entry gets 10 Ecency POINTS!


You can enter Photochain Challenge Edition 113 here, rewards 2 HIVE and 2 HIVE SBI!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

Ladies of Hive Contest #77, hosted by @ladiesofhive, winners are:
3 HIVE Grand Prize wins @albanyescribe for the post What were your favorite games (or toys) as a child?, and @tuocchu for post White porridge ~ My favourite food as the child.
Second-Place Winners, received 2 HIVE each, are @carjuvival, @consciouscat, @nainaztengra, and @trucklife-family.
Honorable Mentions, received 1 HIVE each are @asherrobert, @ginethchira2301, @irenenavarroart, @jcchelme, @katleya, and @kemmyb.


You can enter Ladies of Hive Community Contest #78 here, rewards 16 HIVE!

🏆 📷 🏆 📷 🏆

You are invited to participate in all these contests!

If you decide to post in these communities, please, READ CAREFULLY the terms, conditions, and rules for each contest.

And remember:
For all comments written on any post in these communities, you'll receive staked ARCHON tokens!

Feel free to ask this and many other questions in The Official Archon/UpFundMe Discord channel.


The Future Is Bright!

Stay Tuned!


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