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The ARCHON Art Contest is now closed and it's time to announce the WINNERS!

ARCHON creator and developer @taskmanager was the contest judge and has generously awarded these great prizes.

1ST - 1 ARCHON MINER and 25 DHEDGE tokens




2nd- 100 ARCHON Tokens AND 25 DHEDGE tokens





3rd- 50 ARCHON tokens and 25 DHEDGE tokens




And as a surprise bonus everyone who entered will receive 25 DHEDGE tokens and will begin receiving the daily drips! Thanks for participating!








Entries will be added to the #assets room in the ARCHON DISCORD and will be available for the Community to use on posts.

All comments written on Feathered Friends, Shadow Hunters, and Ladies of Hive Community posts receive staked ARCHON tokens.


image by @brittandjosie



by @barbara-orenya

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Ohhhhhh wow i got a prize thank you so much, I had so much fun being creative

Congrats @seckorama @darkfemme and @shrazi



I am
So proud of the terminaler aswell you rock ! All of you won a prize !

And can I now use your archon assets in my blogs

@taskmanager and @melinda010100
Its always a pleasure thank you

Thanks for always being very helpful :) (hope I choose the right sentence :))
Thank You and have a nice day!

Congrats to you for winning DiscoHedge tokens and thanks so much for all you did to promote the contest! That's great that so many Terminal members won prizes!

Wow, that is a wonderful surprise , I just know from discord,
Thank you @melinda010100 , @taskmaster and Archon community !!
Congratulations to @darkfemme, @shrazi, and also @seckorama , @onyechi, @suponechit, @mondoshawan, @brittandjosie :)

Thank You :)
and Congratz to you too 😊

Thank you @shrazi and congrats to u too.

Congrats to you and thanks so much for participating!

Lots of talented people here!

yes there are, no doubt

Thanks a lot :)

What a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much, @melinda010100 and @taskmaster and Archon community!! Congrats to @darkfemme, @shrazi, and also @theia7, @onyechi, @suponechit, @mondoshawan, @brittandjosie. 👏 👏 😎

Congrats to you! A miner! What a great prize. And you will like the drips from those DiscoHedge tokens as well!

Yeah, I'm on discord right now and try to understand how is this going...not clear for me how to send dhedge to discohedge to link manually because bot link there doesn't work...or I missed something ...

Task works nights and he may be sleeping, but I'm sure he will help you get linked when he is back on.

No problem, @melinda010100, this dhedge thing is completely new for me but looks interesting, I'll research it and ask for help for sure :)

I saw where Echo was there to help.

Thank you so much seckorama and congratulations to you too

Thank You :)

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Thanks for the vote! ❤️

Wow, Thanks for it :)

Have a nice day!

Congratulations for the winners!

There are so many talented people here!

Yes that is true

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 38 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks, Pix!

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Congratulations to all winners, thanks for the contest too. Cheers

Congrats to you! Those DiscoHedge tokens will be great to have!

Congratulations to the winners

Thanks for your support!

Wow, congratulations to the well deserved winners... and thanks a lot for the nice surprise! This is awesome...

Congrats to you and enjoy those DiscoHedge drips!

wow, nice... thanks a lot Melinda!

Congrats to you!

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It was most commented if the day with only 39 comments? We all need to get busy making comments! Thanks for the vote and the new badge. It is much appreciated!

You're welcome @melinda010100! Yes for sure, we do need more people to make more comments! 😁
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I believe my proxie votes for your proposals.

Supercool! Good proxy 👍

Congratulations to the winners.