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RE: Proposal Results For: ~~ARCHON PROPOSAL - vote Lootkit.Witness - proxy archon-gov with other trail accounts.~~: Failed due to not enough votes

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What can we do to get more Archon members to participate and vote?


It is like normal electuons where turnout iv very less.
People in general don't care about governance and power. One way is to introduce proxy so that someone can vote on behalf of others. Also what LEO is looking into their governance model is to reward those who take part it in or incentivise it. This can create more engagement and interest.

Also we need to make better communication. Not many people use discord regularly or get notified that there is a running proposal. That needs to be sort out.

I agree that proxy would be great. And so would a way to auto notify the voters. People do not read and thought they had participated when they voted on my proposal post.