That's a tricky question. At first, you need to have some staked Archons, about 500 I think. That's the easiest part. The hardest part is coding to set up a bot for paying comments in your community. That's part of @taskmanager job. When he'll be available for that I don't know right now.
For Ecency points you just need to contact @melinda010100, you know her, right? :) 😎

500 archons no idea how to get them but i can figure that oiut @taskmanager i will have to look that one up to , and @melinda010100 brings me coffee every hour 🤣🤣☕

Task has a waiting list of communities wanting to join Archon. I believe he has more developement he wants to do first, but his time here has been limited.

When your community has 100 members you can become an Ecency Community and receive 20 Points each time anyone posts into your community using Ecency.

hope to reach that 100 in a month , to bad Task is a single mans project and not a team, we will see in time .