DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !

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Today the 28.06.2021 I've created a token called DCcoin !

The token is to support collaborations on hive and then in all crypto world.

The total supply is 1 million token.

I issued 100k to distribute to those who will participate in #dcc.

Just like any token created, it has its own rules you may see here :

But it's not only about collective curation, but about any content created with more than one author.


The goal :

To support collaborations in hive. Then to collaborate with crypto world to promote hive itself.


The initial price :

I'm selling 10k for 1 hive each because it's started here, and we will promote the blockchain in crypto communities with our collaborations with crypto community. As well, I'm planing to power up all those 10k hive to @dcooperation to have the initial power to build the community. Even now all the rewards are powered up to the account now, and it will be always the case while I'm building the community. I'll find ways in the future to give the access to people I trust to that account to keep the work always on in case I'll not be able to do that for any reason. That will make the community more decentralized. Only the posting key maybe shared, so the account will always be powering up.


Plans :

The second 10k tokens will be distributed among the most active members who contribute to #dcc in any form. Of course writing quality posts about the community, the token will be welcome. But it should always be in a collaborative form. So, a few members may have a chat and a brainstorm about how to help the community grow, and the token be more valuable and share the result of that brainstorm in a post. It's possible also from one member to give suggestions, but only what will be implemented will be rewarded in this case.

The other 10k will be distributed among the trusted curators of #dcc tag. I wish to find a tool to show me that and developers who will help me find those curators. Or I will just follow the tag to see what's supported. As well that maybe distributed to delegators and those who will support the project and our members. I'll be asking our members and see. In the future they will be able to reward investors themselves because they will earn the token otherwise. In fact every member of the community is considered as a partner. We'll be building it together anyway.

The other 10k will be distributed among developers and those who will help us in the technical side. From creating a tribe for us. Then maybe an application. Then other projects will appear in the future, to helping in organizing the discord server to make it easy to interact with the blockchain for curators. So, something like a bot will be created to make some members also able to curate from @dcooperation account.

The other 10k will be used for marketing. So, we may find marketers who will market the community in all hive blockchain including tribes and communities. Then to market the community to all crypto world and anyone would like to join to be rewarded for collaborations.

The left 50k will be our reserve and I may use that to create the tribe and to find developers to take care about it. Because since this is not that active yet, and we are just starting this, I think it's not the time yet to create the tribe. I mean a front end for collaborations. But that's planned for sure ! I think that will be awesome.


Future issued tokens :

I'll issue the other 100k tokens only if all those plans will be already in work. I think 1 million tokens are more than enough to create and support such project. Especially if we have decimal precision of 8. So, any amount will be considered as a reward, and it's all depend on the work done. That's why I prefer to see mostly manual distribution of rewards for now. As you know most of the communities and tribes are moving slowly to manual curation and even the next hard fork may support that.


That's still my picture about how things should be done. I'm always waiting for feedback from the community to change things for the best !

The community should be always build by most of its members rather to be built by only one person or a group !


Join our discord server here : DCooperation community

As well I baught today 10 of each following tokens to promote the post : 10 leo, 10 pob, 10 ctp, 10 neoxian. Let me know if there is an other tribe I could promote such posts from #dcooperation in the future !



I remember the dcooperation crew back in early 2018 and the group of empowered video. Intent creators that came from that.

So happy to see us rising again and I love me some collaborations.

Let’s do this!

Thanks a lot. I remember everything, that was really awesome. We got to passe through a lot of things to get to this. I hope we will all grow to something bigger and we all will enjoy the community from now and the tribe after if it will be created. We have to do a lot to reach those goals.

Congratulations @ clixmoney. I welcome your enthusiasm and commitment to your project. I didn't know your community but after talking to you I joined it and I hope I can do my bit to make it grow together with Hive. You have very good ideas and I hope everything goes as you have planned. So be it!🙏

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Thanks a lot and welcome. I also hope that all that will come true. It's all about supporting each other and letting more people enjoy the success. We always can share a part of our success with others and that's the best collaboration ! ☺

It's all about supporting each other and letting more people enjoy the success.


good luck with it! Sounds like a cool thing eat !PIZZA

Thanks. I hope that will succeed. ☺

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@clixmoney! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (3/20)

Congrats and best of luck for the project.

Thanks a lot. I hope to see you collaborating with us as well. ☺

Good luck and I wish you much success with this worthwhile project.

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It's seems I'm not lucky for this. lol

I see. Tomorrow😉

haha. Thanks. ☺

You can also add BHT to the porfolio of tribe tokens :) Just a suggestion ^^

For sure. We are willing to collaborate with all tribes. I just need to learn more about broadhive. I didn't see the team active there, but recently a post was created by them and I think they are interested in collaborations as well. I'll contact the team in discord when I'll have the time. I joined recently !

If you check @dcooperation account, you see that all the broadhive earned is powered up there !

A good initiative. It will take some cooperation to succeed :)

Let's start with a !BEER


For sure. Cooperation is important. I know the creator of the beer token. I already asked him for an interview and he was busy. Maybe I'll contact the team to propose them to collaborate. I have many ideas about how it'spossible to collaborate with tribes. Are you in the beer team ?

Nope, I am not. Call me a !BEER fan :)

Cool. I hope I'll be able to collaborate with the community somehow. Can you give me the discord link, so I'll join ?

Sorry, I don't think there is a discord channel. Maybe I am wrong.

Try asking heer -> https://ecency.com/hive-187719/@detlev/beersaturday-week-209

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Great to see your initiative progressing pal, I look forward to collaborating with others in #dcc at some point, well done getting your coins minted I wish you and the #dcc community every success

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Thanks a lot. Yeah, for sure we need people who start collaborating with us. Please check this post how to do that. It's in fact very easy. Collaborative curation with DCooperation !. And there will be more types of collaborations explained. For example wrting a post with someone, translating, making video, podcast and others ways where more than one author create a post and mention others who worked with them. But, in the collaborative curation it's even easier, we just share someones content ( post of comment ) and mention the author, use the tag and get rewarded.

That's really interesting I like the collaborative curation aspect a great way to help undervalued posts reach the curation they deserve

That's one of the main goal of such collaboration. If more people will share quality content, more curators will find it. #dcc could be a game changing and a lot of authors will be happier.

Hey @clixmoney, here is a little bit of BEER from @ervin-lemark for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

This is a huge milestone for your project. Congratualtions! I think I was your first purchaser on HE. I look forward to seeing the project develop.

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Here is the explorer by the way : https://hive-engine.rocks/transactions?symbol=dcc

Thanks a lot for @gimme-your-coinz for placing the first order.

Thanks to @bozz who baught 100 DCC.

Thanks to you @allcapsonezero who baught 10 DCC.

Isn't that awesome ? I'm really happy to see that. Less than 24 hours and already 2 buyers. It's something we really need to celebrate. ☺

Ya, when I bought, the buy's didn't show up, I saw later that I was second.

You are off to the races, I hope that you can build it up into what you envision for it.

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I hope so. Still don't see the big interest of people to create such collaborations, but I still promote #dcc tag and the initiative of Collaborative curation with DCooperation !. I'm already thinking how to distribute the second part of tokens to those who will participate. That may make more people excited about participating in that. I may should start by high ranked curators and ask them if they are interested, so I'll send them some tokens to start distribute.

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Congratulations on launching Decntralized Cooperations and Collaborations and DCC!

Maybe people don't know it's possible to do joint collaborations? It can be done, but until now it's been done in an improvisational way. Just letting people know they can do it should help spur development in joint collaborations.

Next time I check out POB Talk I'll mention this community and give the link to it.

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After I posted this I saw @vempromundo 's comment! So he knows about it too!

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Thanks a lot. We may start already from promoting this : Collaborative curation with DCooperation !. I think that may improve the curation on the blockchain a lot. It's easy, people use the tag #dcc when they share a post or a comment of someone else and mention them, and they get curated, and the shared content will be noticed as well.

#dcc is also accepted when there is any collaborative content created. For example one write a post and an other translate it. They can write also in form of an interview. A video together, a podcast. That's all will make people collaborate more. But, especially the collaborative curation may make more people join this all.

A few minutes ago I posted he link to the POB Talk #31 chat thread.

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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you shared that. I hope people start to use the opportunity. I'm sure that will be useful for so many !

Thanks. I'm glad you're the first. I saw that and I was thinking how to find you. I checked the explorer and it seems showing only what's already sold. So, it's imposible to see who ordered maybe. I would like to thanks you for that. Any activity matters and the first purshase matters even more. Thanks a lot for starting the activity in our collaborative market. :)

I'm a little sleepy because I'm going to sleep, but I've already left the tab open to read tomorrow and see what it is, I hope I can help.

Thanks for your interest. I hope you help in that. We really need the activity now more than before.

I remember when I was in steemit, that this community was at the pinnacle of everything, next to what nathan mars had created.

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Yeah, I remember everything as well.

Congratulation on your project. I hope the project will not conflict with the present tribes. I think you should give opportunity for investors to accept liquid in non hive tokens like swap.doge and swap.btc . When you accept those tokens you have liquid assets that will not make price conflict with hive and its tribes.

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Thanks. The project will help tribes even more. Because the content will be shared by members and will be rewarded, so it's a win win situation. And since all those tribes create content in hive, all hive members can participate in this. Because all the tribes are related to hive. And our members when they will collaborate with crypto community will also promote tribes they like. It's an other win win situation.

About accepting liquid for non hive tokens like those you mentioned, it's a good idea. But I will look to that in the future when we will start collaborating with crypto community. If you have any idea about how to contact those investors, let me know. I'm ready to interview them for example. Then I will talk about this to hive-engine team. In case the investor who will collaborate will be interested to buy. For now I'm working to build this in hive. But I'm open to hear suggestions.

great idea for a token, and i hope this one takes off to the moon :)

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Thanks a lot. I hope so, we need more people who will join us. I'm already distributing DCC to those who contribute to #dcc . Going to the moon depends on all of us. Let's do something about it. ☺