How should you look at your followers !

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The picture shows lions and eagles. Your followers are your best investment !

Generally, when we create content, we shouldn't care that much about the rewards. Because if someone is consistent, the rewards will come sooner or later. That's what each author here should always keep in mind.

But sometimes we think about strategies to earn better rewards in case we don't see the results we wanted. Besides bringing value and being dedicated, we should care somehow for our followers who are commenting us, sharing our content and supporting us in any form or another. The return shouldn't be always in monetary value. We can as well comment them back, share their content and talk about them from time to time. After all, it's a social media, and we should care about our relationships as well.


But in case you're already supporting your followers and keep valuing what they do. You should anyway think about the perspectives. You see how they are acting, and you feel if their goal is to grow in this community or not. So depending on that, you should value them more. Imagine having 100 followers who are not interested in building and they kind of support you to see you supporting them back. Compared to 10 followers who are building their accounts, bringing value to everyone and caring about others. Of course, you prefer to have the last ones because if you are growing yourself, and they grow with you, so they deserve to be followed as well.


I mean, if you see someone little supporting you, and you think that it's better to look only for big players, you may lose it all. For sure, if you're not a big player yourself, you will not be that interesting for them, unless they are exceptional, and they support you seeing that you're trying and doing your best. So, look at your followers who are building here as future big players who will support you in the future. It's clear who is building and improving here. Mostly, they themselves value others not for their stake, but for more things they like in you. They also see you building, and they prefer to spend time supporting like-minded followers in this case !


Take care of those who are commenting you and interested in your content !

We are all people and if we see some return we keep trusting more !

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glad for that. I also write a blog that you can freely read and share

Audience matters, customer is the king! I learned this during my post-graduation and I believe this applies everywhere. Your work will be rewarded only when it is audience-centric.

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That's for sure !

I think we need a new options on our blogs that say "Favorites". There's many I want to and do follow but it would be nice to have an option in which I can choose authors I follow in which I want to put in a "Favorites" category.


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That will be a great option for sure !

You have all the qualities of a great leader :))

Thanks a lot. ☺