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RE: DCC tag contest - Let's support #bitcoin

in DCooperation8 months ago

Yeah, I like to see so many entries. I'm doing my best to make them all rewarded. I'm sure those who read this post will also check those posts. And of course it's the best moment to talk about bitcoin, I think we may see it this year already $100k and after a few years a $1 million. That will be just crazy. Imagine how people will do their best to earn at least a part of it. And we will just become very rich one day, even if we are not holding that much. I'm sure that will impact hive, and it will be at least $10, or it may even hit $100. Why not. ☺


It's crazy Crypto world and Everything is Possible. Hive hitting even $10 will be a moment of the Century 👍😊. Let's hope for the best.