Cover of "Everytime" by Britney Spears

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Hello, Dear Hivers!

Hola, Queridos Hivers!


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When I was little my cousins ​​listened to Britney Spears a lot, however "Everytime" had never reached my ears until my dear little chef, @lachg89, asked me for a cover of it in a comment. From that day on I started to listen to it and I liked it a lot. It's one of those songs that relaxes you. As soon as the piano sounds, you feel the need to sit and listen to it without doing anything else. She is very cute and very sentimental.
I took my time to learn the lyrics and the emotions it conveyed well so that the result was very nice!

Well, without further ado here is my cover, I hope you like it!

Cuando era pequeña mis primas escuchaban mucho a Britney Spears, sin embargo "Everytime" nunca había llegado a mis oídos hasta que mi querido chefcito, @lachg89, me pidió un cover de la misma en un comentario. Desde ese día la empecé a escuchar y me gustó bastante. Es una de esas canciones que te relajan. Al instante que suena el piano sientes la necesidad de sentarte a escucharla sin hacer más nada. Es muy linda y muy sentimental.
Me tomé mi tiempo para poder aprenderme bien la letra y las emociones que está transmitía para que el resultado fuera muy lindo!

Bueno, sin más preámbulos aquí está mi cover, espero les guste!

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You sang that song so beautifully. My heart was glad to hear that. Needless to say your singing ability is weird. You have a great ability to sing different styles of songs.

Your comments are always so beautiful, thank you very much for your support and special words for me. thanks a lot. 😀❤️

The emotion you inject into your singing is what gets me! Of course, the singing itself is also wondrous!

Thank you very much...😍 I'm glad you liked it, Mr. KP.😁
I think that's the point, injecting emotion into my singing, in that way they sound better.😀

Passion and personality goes a long way I think.


Hi manujune,

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Thanks a lot for the support!😁

¡Hermoso!!!!!!!! 😍

Y además de eso... ¡Hermosa!!!! 😍

Aww! 😀
Muchas gracias, señor @ylich, es muy lindo su comentario.😍

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Thank you very much for the support. 😀

Lo vi TRES VECES!! 😍😍😍 te pasaste. Amo esa canción y lo hiciste de una manera increíble!! Sin palabras, nada más aplausos 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 MARAVILLOSA!!!!

Que bueno que te gustó, estoy feliiiz!!!❤️

This is a pretty song, and it's new to me. Such a beautiful performance, Loved it!!! <3

Thanks! 😁 I'm happy you liked it. 😍 It was a new song for me too and now I like it very much.🎼💛

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