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It takes all three to be able to do it.

I’m very excited about having my kids join me here but it does take some extra effort and energy on my part.

I consider myself an overseer or manager of their accounts. They don’t post or even get on Hive without me being present.

I must say that they make it easy on me though. It was a breeze for them typing and publishing their second post. Kids these days catch on to things so quickly and it just blows my mind.

When their computers were up and ready they knew exactly what to do. I may have reminded them of a few things but I didn’t have to sit with them the entire time they were putting their posts together. This round I barely had to suggest a writing direction or idea, they knew exactly where they wanted to go with their writings.

Aww my little bloggers. 🤭🤗🥹

I am really enjoying seeing @legomaster’s storytelling gift come to life. As someone put it yesterday he is quite the commentator. 😊

Seeing @duel-master’s love for nature and the wild has been an exciting adventure to watch unfold. What’s funny is even though I’m a little more scared of things in nature nowadays I still love capturing them. My daughter does too which is why I wanted her to be the one to share about the raccoon. ☺️

I know as they get older, more comfortable and familiar with Hive I will be able to sit in the background even more. Since they are only blogging once a month to start off it’s not really that demanding anyway.

I do feel a sense of urgency when they are asking me

Hey mom are the pictures done? Can we post now? 😆

We just finished shooting a Sweet 16 birthday party (can’t wait to share those with you) so in the midst of me getting those edited I had to prepare their photos too. This will also be less of a demand when they are able to do it on their own.

Oh yea, I have to find the time to teach them that too. 🤪😅

Since they have completed their Summer studies they were able to work on their posts while I helped my middle son with his schoolwork. I sit in our schoolroom with both computers in view while I take sips from my trusted tumbler…


“I coυldɴ’т do тнιѕ wιтнoυт yoυ coғғee.” 😂

We really have quite a bit going on right now but I have always pushed to make sure I publish at least twice a week, now my kids once a month (of course that includes all the preparation work) and keep up the best I can with other duties I have here.

I’ll be sharing soon about a needed break I plan on taking as it’s always good to take a step away to come back refreshed.

In the meantime I’ll continue teaching my kids about engagement, support, helping them brush up on their writing skills and assisting them with their fun on Hive. It’s so cute seeing how tickled they get when they hit that Publish button. You can see the confidence in their writing growing and growing with each push. 😁

I am truly grateful they have this outlet to exercise their abilities and imaginations. It’s worth all the time and effort I give to help make lasting memories they can cherish forever.

The humbled life of a wife, mom, teacher, photographer, needle artists, homemaker and blogger.

As always, thanks so much for your time and attention ~ 🌺


Hello there @crosheille

I'm Emma, I just started on Hive and saw you had voted on my comment, so I came here. It is so lovely that you have brought your children on to have their own blogs and I can tell by your writing that you also get tickled by them pushing publish, a moment you can be very proud of too!

It may be extra work but by the sound of it, all three of you are enjoying it and that's the main thing.

Hi Emma! Welcome to Hive!! 👋🏽

Thanks for the visit and comment. Yes, I love going through reading responses to posts and supporting the ones that make good points and that also show thought and effort. 😉

Thank you. Hahaha yes I admit I get just as tickled. It’s truly a proud moment to see them develop and get excited about trying something new and a bit more challenging for them. It is a bit extra work but it is very enjoyable. Spending time training them in something I love to do and have been doing for so long is really a treat ~

You definitely have a good trainer on your side. @Galenkp has helped and encouraged a lot of authors to up their game and improve on their writing. That’s really important to have for a platform such as this as quality and effort are key to success here.

I hope you enjoy the ride and have such an amazing journey here. Thanks again for stopping by. 😊

Hey you! Thanks for the mention and kind words which I appreciate. It's a pleasure to help people who want to help themselves and we have one such person here I think. Emma will go well and I believe has much to add.

Absolutely! 😉

That’s awesome to hear as I am following her now and look forward to reading her publications ~ 👌🏽

Hi CroSheille

Thanks so much for the kind welcome and comment. I'm loving my time here so far. I am very grateful to Galen for all his help and encouragement, he went above and beyond to help me get acquainted with the workings. If your children are starting to post now, I can see great thing here in their future. I see you run a community and in no time at all, they will probably do the same 😁

Have a lovely day.

You're very welcome. 😊😉

It’s great you’re enjoying your time here already. Just wait until you get to know more people and really know you’re way around…it gets even better.

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they are doing the same thing. 😄

Enjoy the rest of your week ~

I really appreciate the effort and hardwork your children are showcasing in improving in themselves which is awesome. I enjoyed @legomaster post which is quite entertaining If I must say and I believe there is room for more improvement. Keep up the good work in showing them the right path @crosheille.

Thanks for noticing :)

I think with every post they'll gain new ideas and inspiration as well as improving on their skills. They both are very excited about having this new venture to explore and grow from ~

Sounds really good

It's surely is a good feeling knowing your children are doing good with things and easily cope up with it. They surely able to learn and practice their innate skills 😊

I agree. I am very proud of them for even giving this a try as it's very new for them. Who knows what new interests or hobbies will come from this. 😁

Indeed. Mommies will always be this excited hihi

I won't forget that wonderful introduction of @legomaster on Hive. To know that mom is the brain behind that move is already a pathway to a wonderful blogging experience.

Thanks so much for that @mrenglish. Support and encouragement definitely builds their confidence so it's greatly appreciated :)

Your work is admirable.

Congratulations for your children who are learning fast. That is very good. One post a month sounds great to me. I hope they know how to master the thrill of doing it more than once 😁.

I'm sure after your well deserved vacation you will come back very refreshed and charged with good energy.

Aww thank you sweet friend ~ ☺️

Oh yes, once a month is wonderful for me...not too overwhelming lol. I'm in no rush for them to do it more often. As they get more confident and capable they may gradually do more...but for now this works.

I’m sure of it too. I’ve been exhausted lately with lack of sleep and lots of headaches. I will definitely come back refreshed and recharged for sure ~ 😊

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Oh cool! Thanks so much for the curation @amberkashif!! 😃😘

You are most welcome ☺

You’re doing a really great job @crosheille. It must be tiring having to guide them prepare their posts while working on your own simultaneously. Good thing they’re getting better and learning to do things by themselves. I think I saw the post by @duel-master today. I just found @legomaster reading this post though. I guess that makes you master’s master then lol.

Thank you. Yes it's pretty tiring right now at least with a lot of other things going on (school starting again etc). It does really help that they catch on pretty quickly. 👌🏽

Hahaha I guess it does make me that! 😂

Thanks for the comment ~

Anytime. It’s always fun engaging with you:)

It is a lot of work to manage another account! I try to keep things fresh on my son's page and do some upvoting for him. I remind him all the time to get another post up, but he has other things he wants to do - like play video games or work on his fort outside. He says he can't come up with ideas and when I give them to him, he passes. Ha! Anyway, I commiserate, Mama. It is a lot to do - school, Hive, everyday life, and all the stuff in between! It's almost the weekend! Have a good one!

It really is a lot of work. Ah he passes on your ideas 😯? I guess it will take him to really be motivated about sharing something with us get one in. I think the only reason my two are so hype and motivated right now is because it's so far in between that we let them post. I know for sure they would not want to post every week right now because they see how hard it is getting the photos, figuring out how to layout their post and then trying to get to at least 3 minutes long lol. I've suggested ideas to them too and most of them they're like nah but it's okay because they've been having their own anyway. 😅

Thank you, you enjoy your weekend too Mama!! 💓

Good fun! It is fun to post, but having good ideas for a post definitely helps! I'm working my way through posting every day this month. It really helps that I haven't posted much in the last 2 years, so I'm posting about a few things I would have done before - like the towers and container apartments! I don't plan to keep up this rate of posting however. It's just an experiment. 😉

Oh I totally get it. I'll be taking a break from blogging here shortly. I have a lot I'm trying to juggle in RL and just need the time to focus on those things. The rate I post always changes according to what I can handle at that time.

Totally understand! Hopefully life isn't too crazy for you right now and you can enjoy a break from blogging!

Well, it is. I’ve been an emotional mess trying to keep up with things and it has taken its toll on me. 🙁

God is good and I know He keeps me and my mind intact (sane) and He is guiding me on what to do and how to maintain my peace. I haven’t felt this overwhelmed in a long time. Sigh

Oh girl! I am sorry to hear it has been crazy! You gotta do what you gotta do to stay sane!!

I love that your kids know this beautiful much of HIVE, how lovely they are, plus it creates them sense of responsibility, the world of legos is so much fun and beneficial because it helps them to solve problems, congratulations @legomaster's in the case of @duel-master's seeing how much she loves animals provides much happiness and empathy who knows if she will be a future vet. 😍

Thanks for your lovely comment. 😘

I love they it creates a sense of responsibility too. 😊

You're right about the legos, I've never thought of it that way as in helping to solve problems. I wouldn't be surprised if she does become a vet because she is always wanting to help and support stray animals.

Wow. Really nice to see them open their wings and flying 😊

Thank you ~ 😊

They’re lucky to have you as mom and a role model. You give them freedom to grow in their own ways.
Many would do anything to let their kids stay away from any form of social media and limit their interactions with other people (which is great way of learning and growing as a person) and look at you! Wow!
I’m attracted to open mindedness

I think it's a great thing allowing our kids to be social. As long as they are monitored and taught what's appropriate and what's not of course. This is the direction their generation is going, it's best to keep them up to date and in the know about social media (with limited access according to our discretion).

I appreciate your comment ~

It definitely takes time, effort and energy to manage blog and be consistent. You have time, and you want to give your effort, but you don't have the energy, you cannot get things done. Three elements are equally important. Glad to know your kids are here on Hive.

Yes exactly! All three elements are equally important. I liked the way you put that. 😉

Thanks so much. I'm happy to have them here with me ~ ☺️

I read @legomaster and @duel-master post It's so much interesting. I really appreciate your efforts guiding them in good path, and believe soon they will adapt it just matter of time gradually gradually a man become ideology.

Best regards @crosheille

OMG three blogs??? Sometimes I think I have too much with just one 😂. It is good that your children are interested in creative writing from an early age. I can imagine them eager to make their posts, well, maybe it's how we feel about our own posts: if someone will like it, if they will read us, if they will comment it... That's the beautiful part of all this great community that we are .

Thanks for sharing your day on Daily Blog, I hope you have a nice weekend Crosheille ❣️.

Hahaha yes three!! 😄

Oh yes the whole experience is exciting for them. They're like

Mom, she gave me a smiley face, mom I was curated by so and so, wow he wrote me another comment etc etc. 😁

The comments and support really makes them feel special and boosts their confidence in their capabilities. They are so motivated to keep writing and learning.

Thanks so much Laura. I enjoy writing here in your community. You have a nice weekend as well ~ 💓

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@crosheille you are doing an amazing job. I know how it is having to take care of a lot of responsibilities. You are a good manager and that's why things are going on well for you all. Your kids are doing an amazing job too. The more consistent they are, the more better they become.

Well done💕

Thanks so much!! It does feel great being able to give of myself and time to teach them these things. It's definitely rewarding seeing how much they are learning and developing from this already.

Thank you for such an encouraging and thoughtful comment ~ 💓

It’s so cute seeing how tickled they get when they hit that Publish button.

I imagined that scene right away. Your kids smiling sweetly at you, then face their computers giggling while hitting the "publish" button. Awesome! You're a proud Mom for sure. Aww, how I wish my daughter will be fond of writing, too but she is just 3 years old now. I'll just watch her closely and guide her to the fun world of blogging. 🤗

Hahaha yes! That's exactly the scene. It's so adorable and cute. ☺️

Oh I’m sure if she shows interest in this you will be so thrilled to teach her and watch her skills develop. It really is a treat. 😊

This is no small fit

They will be very fine with time. You are really a good manager, but all the effort and work as a mom.

More energy and skill too you all

Thank you for your sweet comment. I'm already seeing the effort paying off. It's so worth it allowing them to explore and venture with this. You just never know what they will decide to do career wise and this foundation could be a key to helping them get there. 🙂

Great development

Thank you ~

Wow this is so interesting, you are doing a great job for your children, it the next few years the will become boss of their own without your guidance. It is not easy to put them through but you did it successfully, I really appreciate the foundation you build on them

I really appreciate your comment. That's exactly what we're trying to do, give them a good foundation for success in whatever they choose to do in life. It definitely takes work but it’s all worth it. 😊

I miss you @crosheille it has been few days now you are not online

Wow, this amazing for your children to join hive at this time. They are brilliant children.

Thank @crosheille fir sharing with us.

Thank you for the nice comment. 😊

Hey what a great idea. Of course you are right about coffee.

Thanks @afrikablr! Oh yes, gotta have my coffee ☕️!! 😄

You are an awesome mom! I just can't find the right words to describe you (In all honesty).

I've followed their accounts, they have colorful pictures thus, a nice blog.

I see their accounts and all I think is LONG TERM.

Can we give you the mom of the year century now?


Awww wow!! How sweet was this comment!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback and response to what I'm doing.

Yes, I honestly see them being here long term. They will slowly but eventually be venturing off on their own but I do love the monitoring and guidance I am providing for them. I think giving them a smart and appropriate start will be healthy in the long run. It’s really amazing watching them develop their own style of writing and not being afraid of sharing their creative side.

Thanks for my mom trophy! I love it ~ 😍☺️😄

Taking care of your kids is really a good one, it's a good thing they can easily walk up to you and ask for anything, it's a good thing you are friendly with them because kids open more to people who are friendly with them.

I truly agree with this. My kids have always been open to their father and I because we make ourselves approachable and that is soooo important. I want them to know they can come to us about anything and we'll be there to support them the best we can.

Thank you ~ 🙂

Wow this really a good legacy you lay down make God crown your effort and he will make your kids pay you back in multiple

Thanks @timi01 it’s appreciated :)

I just want to see them do well and have many options open for them. I know that laying down a good foundation is where it starts. ;)

This is actually very thoughtful of you to get your kids enrolled to this platform, and it’s such a brilliant idea on your part to make sure it only when you’re there they get to use there phone to make a post,so you could guild the am very sure without you by there side they stubble on something else or get the entire posting pattern wrong so that’s very brilliant of you, and it also a very great idea because on this platform they can also get to learn from others while trying to make a post they can also learn form others post, like they say no knowledge is a waste knowing them for save keeping it’s the best because you don’t know when you may be need that same information to get you out of something now if you never educate your self how will you, do I think it a very good idea and am a new bie just join few days ago and super excited already the creativities have seen here most especially on @needleworks where I’ll frequenting my post because am a fashion designer, have really seen things there and I can’t wait explore on the ideas have received so far so encourage your children to keep on press on they shouldn’t be tired.....

Hello @crosheille I hope you are okay? I haven't seen your post in a while. Hugs❤

Hey Joy!

Thanks so much for checking on me. I’m doing okay. I just have a lot on my plate right now to juggle and manage which calls for me to be present here a lot less. I’ll be sharing an update soon this coming week about some life updates.

I hope you’ve been okay. I really appreciate you reaching out. 💓☺️