How i am preparing to celebrate Valentine's Day

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Do you like to celebrate this date or do you think that it is just a date like any other?

I consider that day to be the day of love, particularly for me, is every day, be determined as well as other celebrations that have a specific time to celebrate, also on February 14, basically my husband and I do not take this day so personally, if possible and if there is the possibility of doing so , we spend some time basically going out, but really as much as we do not consider that day as the only day to show love and affection, I consider that all other days are also important and every day we must celebrate the love that It is the greatest thing that God has allowed us to enjoy here on earth..

Are you one of those who love to watch movies on this day, do you have any in particular?

Not really, I must confess that I am not a very huge fan of watching movies , I rarely see movies and even when I see one , I don't finish watching it.. I feel that it is not my thing , although my husband loves to watch movies , . We don't really have a particular tradition that we perform on that day but it won't be a bad idea to watch a movie together this time around..

I confess that I like teddy bear and some time ago my husband surprised me with one, he doesn't like to give Teddy bears according to him , he says he prefers to give something else, but since he knows that I love Teddy bears , he had to get it for me , That day I felt so happy and I am looking forward to what he will get for me this next valentine..

Do you plan to do something for this coming day?

Actually, I have nothing in mind, I think that since we don't usually make this day a big festivity, it must be for that reason, but as the word of God says, each day brings its own desire, let's wait for the arrival of that day, I think that the company is enough to demonstrate love every day from a word, a gesture, a detail, and there is the difference, what if it is already planned is that that day an activity for Marriages will be developed in the Civil Association Evangelical Church, style a Conference that I imagine will be very good.

Plan a totally special itinerary for this celebration, be it with the love of your life or friends, forget about money and other impediments...remember that dreaming is priceless.

For me, traveling is something that I am passionate about and that is basically what I like to do the most with my husband, we used to go a lot to Edo Amazonas Venezuela to the jungle slide, but because it was closed for a while and we no longer travel to that place, I would like to go out with my husband to the beautiful Edo Apure, once the raft passes we continue our destination when we arrive in Amazonas, we stay in a hotel, and preferably that day at night I would invite my husband to a romantic dinner and I would give him important details of which he likes a lot, the dinner thing is because my husband is a good eater and he likes to eat well.

A pleasant conversation, background music and of course a Bible reading, which is the foundation for us always, in turn the next day is celebrated with a barbecue in the slide in the jungle and enjoy a bath in the slide..


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I wish you a nice Valentine's Day in advance, even if it's very early. I hope you'll have a nice day.

Thank you very much...I guess I can't wait for the valentine to come...maybe its because I am looking forward to celebrate it in a different way that have not done before..