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RE: Six Years Loving It Here!

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Happy anniversary, Kat! I'm so glad to have found friends like you on this platform. JT is the best, truly!

BTW, since you brought up your D&D pals, I'm currently working on something you might like: it's a small-scale tabletop game that has nothing to do with The Nine Empires, and I'm trying my hand at storytelling to segue into pitching this idea. I have no idea what I'm doing, I wrote up the whole thing in a single afternoon, but I think it will be fun.


Thanks Kaja! And yes, JT is the best and I super happy to have found such great friends like you😊

I am super, super intrigued about your game! It's sounds super fun! Have you done a post about it? I brought it up to JT Saturday night during our Friendsgiving!


I haven't made a post about it yet. I'm going to slowly segue into it with another character (whom I will introduce in my next post), make short individual posts for all the game pieces, and then pitch the game rules in the Tabletop/DND community. I'm not sure if I can use the #c-c-c tag to reference the relevant posts, since there will be at least 20 to cover the 13 basic units and 7 heroes (and possibly an 8th). The rules are currently in a ten-page MS Word document containing 2909 words, but since five full pages are dedicated to hero and unit stats, the pitch will end up being a good bit shorter.