Old Vyborg (visual story 18 photos)

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I am not an architect, but when traveling around cities I always admire the architecture. I especially like to be in the old part of the city. Despite the alterations, the spirit of the times is always present in the old town. To get a better feel for it, I processed the photos in monochrome. I do not want colors to distract from the contemplation of shapes and textures.

And today we will begin our acquaintance with the architecture of the old part of Vyborg. One of the most famous buildings in Vyborg is the Round Tower. A stone artillery tower of the rondel type, one of the two surviving battle towers of the medieval Vyborg fortress. If you remove the "Restaurant" sign from the facade and at the same time clear the area of cars ... well, you understand.

Я не архитектор, но путешествуя по городам всегда любуюсь из архитектурой. Особенно мне нравится бывать в старой части города. Несмотря на переделки в старом городе всегда присутствует дух времени. Чтобы лучше его почувствовать, я обработал фотографии в монохромном режиме. Не хочу, чтобы цвета отвлекали от созерцания форм и текстур.

И сегодня мы начнём знакомство с архитектурой старой части Выборга. Одно из самых известных строений Выборга - Круглая башня. Каменная артиллерийская башня рондельного типа, одна из двух сохранившихся боевых башен средневековой Выборгской крепости. Если убрать с фасада надпись "Ресторан" и заодно очистить площадь от машин... ну, вы понимаете.




Of course, even in the old part of the city there are fresh buildings. The architecture of different eras has mixed here. But in a strange way ... there is no discomfort.

Конечно, даже в старой части города есть свежие постройки. Здесь смешалась архитектура разных эпох. Но странным образом... не возникает ощущения дискомфорта.



The contrast of modern cars against the background of old walls creates a challenge to the imagination.

Контраст современных автомобилей на фоне старых стен создаёт некий вызов воображению.




You can turn off the street into a courtyard and find a completely unexpected view.

Вы можете свернуть с улицы в какой-нибудь дворик и найти совсем неожиданный вид.




I think that an architectural connoisseur can discover many different styles here from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Думаю, что знаток архитектуры может обнаружить здесь много разных стилей от эпохи средневековья до наших дней.






I tried to capture mostly old houses and unusual courtyards. These, of course, are not all of my photos from that visit. If interested, I will continue this visual walk next time.

Я же старался запечатлеть в основном старые дома и необычные дворики. Это, конечно, не все мои фото с того посещения. Если будет интересно, я продолжу эту визуальную прогулку в следующий раз.


CameraSony A7М2
LensSamyang 1.4 35
Post productionin LR

Manual processing in Lightroom

Unless otherwise specified, the text and photos are mine

From Russia with Love




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Hello @bambuka! This is truly a fascinating visual story of the old part of Vyborg! I suddenly experienced nostalgia as I viewed your remarkable collection of photos in their vintage effect. Even the more recent modern buildings are not obvious as they easily blend into the overall scenery. But, that Round Tower, a stone artillery building captured my attention because of its peculiar roof and facade!

With pleasure, we welcome you to the Architecture+Design Community! Thank you for sharing your first architectural post here, and we look forward to more awesome content from you!

Hi @storiesoferne!
Glad to see you and thank you for your kind words!
Modern buildings, bright colors of cars, people's outfits can distract attention from the whole picture and create a mess. Therefore, I chose a monochromatic for photo editing. Old Vyborg is very interesting in terms of architecture. It is located on a hill and has an interesting street topology. I need some time to process the rest of the photos, I want to continue this series here.
Thank you for your warm welcome ! :)

Indeed, bright and vivid colors are only ideal as accent tones and should be used sparingly, so as not to compete with the intended mood of the space. I’m excited to experience more of Old Vyborg’s interesting architecture from your great series here. All the best!

Glad you like my series of photos. I need some time to finish processing the rest of the photos. Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready.
Have a nice weekend :)

The monochrome effect just add fascinating depth to the picture. The architecture of the town's structures are very interesting and amazing. appreciate your observations. Great post @bambuka, Keep flourishing and posting.
Have a great weekend :)

don't know which comment to answer ... :-))
I like to process photos in black and white and monochrome. For the old town, this is fine. Glad you liked it
Have a good weekend!

Hello @bambuka, a warm welcome to the Architecture + Design Community! It is interesting to see a mix of architectural styles in Vyborg beautifully captured by your photographs.

Do check out the community comprehensive guidelines if you haven't yet and this week's OCD Community Boost Contest Hope you have a splendid time here in the community.

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Thank you for the warm welcome @aplusd !
I am not a professional architect, designer or builder. But in my life, I built a house from a bar, folded a brick oven and, doing woodwork, made designer furniture from forest wood (roots, branches, cuts of tree growths) and interior decoration items. If this is interesting to the community, I am ready to make some posts on this topic.
I am also fond of photography and, being in different cities, I photograph streets, buildings, interesting structures.
Apparently now I will take a closer look at the architecture and design of the premises :)

как душевно вышло. назад в будущее)

машина времени)) уже есть продолжение)

Hello @bambuka, I am drawn to your monochrome photographs, and staring at them seemingly transported me there. The mix of architectural styles old and new, the archways, the creepers, cobblestone paths, Vyborg is a beautiful town. Thank you for taking us there and welcome to the Architecture + Design Community!

Hello @discoveringarni!
Thank you for your warm welcome and warm words.
You can wander the streets of Vyborg for days and there will always be something to see.
Nearby there is the famous Mon Repos Park. It is also no less interesting.
Today I posted a sequel to the visual story, welcome :)

Oh I'm now off the check the sequel 😊

Что-то типа сепии? Конечно, добавляет колорита к истории)

я там с раздельными тонами мудрил, а потом ещё тень на плетень навёл))

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ok i will try it, thanks for the hint:)

I did it.
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Thanks again for your kindness!

Thank you so much, and appreciate it!

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Hello @storiesoferne/
Yes, I'm not active on twitter. I understood your recommendation, thank you for reminding the OCD requirements. I don't really like verbosity and I don't want to pour a lot of water. Therefore, my posts are not too long in text. I like information content more than volume. But since these are the requirements, I will try to fulfill them.
Thank you for your attention to my work :)

Thank you so much @bambuka for your prompt response and valuable consideration. All the best always!