Architecture + Design: Church of St. Anthony - Rivne, Ukraine, or in search of gargoyles - Part three

Architecture + Design: Church of St. Anthony - Rivne, Ukraine, or in search of gargoyles - Part three.

Greetings friends!

Today, I want to present to you the final, third part of my story about the Cathedral of St. Anthony, which is located in the city of Rivne, Ukraine.

What was discussed in the previous parts of my story, you can find out by following the links that you will find at the end of this post.

As you know from the previous parts, while examining this, without exaggeration, magnificent building, I took many photographs of the structural elements, which seemed to me interesting, deserving special attention.

Among schoolchildren, Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace is a symbol of boredom and very hard reading.

I didn't want you to be bored lol.

But, I had to follow in the footsteps of the classic of literature and break the story into three parts.

This cathedral deserves it, it is my tribute to the architectural genius and I want to confirm that the words "Classics are immortal" is pure truth.

2021-05-08-12-49-15 (1).jpg

The architecture of the Cathedral of Saint Anthony is very similar to that of the famous Notre Dame de Paris.

Between 1345, when the construction of Notre-Dame-de-Paris was completed, and 1899, when the Cathedral of Saint Anthony was built, more than five centuries passed, but the idea, architectural elements, and purpose, create a sense of kinship between the two historical architectural monuments.

Of course, we cannot talk about the similarity in the scale of the structures.

You can say that I have to compare the giant and the midget, but they have one soul, one path of the Catholic Church.

Every night, the cold light of the moon, first, illuminates the Cathedral of St. Anthony, and, only a few hours later, the moonlight touches Notre Dame de Paris.

One of my principles is not to use photographs for my publications that I have not taken personally, but today I decided to make an exception to the rule.

@storiesoferne kindly provided me with a photo of him in front of Notre Dame de Paris while visiting Paris. You can see a link to a comment with a photo at the end of this post.

I used the image of Notre Dame de Paris for a modest photo collage that shows some similarities between the two structures.

In the moonlight, you can clearly see the gargoyles that adorn the porticoes of Notre Dame de Paris, and I made it my goal to find the gargoyles at the Cathedral of St. Anthony.


The maximum that I counted on while examining the Cathedral of St. Anthony was a walk around the building and a small photo session.

I could not expect that I would get inside the cathedral, but, it is necessary, always, to remain optimistic.

As you can see from the second part of my story, I was about to go home, having finished the external inspection of the cathedral, when I saw two people on the side porch of the cathedral, who were talking to each other.

I plucked up the courage and asked permission to inspect the inner hall of the cathedral, at least I wanted to take a photo of the organ.

The first thing they said was that now, repairmen are working on the organ and repair work is underway, but if I manage very quickly, I can go inside and take some photographs.

There was no limit to my happiness.

You know, in science fiction films, super heroes have super speed lol.

I turned on this super-speed and quickly photographed all the interesting elements of the interior of the cathedral.

It really bothered me that I was closely watched by a philharmonic worker, I constantly felt his gaze on my back.

After a bright, sunny day outside the cathedral, my eyes and camera had to get used to the semi-darkness, but it was worth it.

If it is possible to depict Bach's Fugue, then, probably, it will look like this organ.


The stained-glass windows of the Gothic windows, which, from the outside, looked gloomy and dull, shone here in the darkness!


In this photo you can see a small window that is hidden on the back wall of the cathedral behind the organ.


You probably remember the clock that can be seen above the central entrance to the Cathedral of St. Anthony, as it looks from the inside.

Heavy, crystal chandeliers look very harmonious against the backdrop of Gothic stained glass windows.


It is strange that today, this technology is no longer used. I would like to make several windows with stained-glass windows in my house, it is very atmospheric.


And modest and magnificent, what else can be said about such beauty.


The play of light inside the cathedral was freezing, it seemed that I was transported to the distant past.


In this photograph, you can see the cross arched vaults, herd and ribbing systems of the arched soda fastenings on which the roof rests.

In some places the plaster has collapsed. but, this does not spoil the general idea of the cathedral, it is, and the exhaustion of the country's leadership and all predecessors, lol.


In the center of the chandeliers you can see stucco roses, in the center of which there are brackets to hold the chandeliers.


Carved, octagonal columns in the color of malachite look very pompous.


It is difficult to establish the authenticity of the decoration of the cathedral, but I think that most of the decor belongs to the time when the cathedral ceased to be a Catholic church, but turned into a philharmonic society.

In this photo you see the entrance to the foyer, framed by two tapestries and heavy curtains.

But, niches in the wall in the Gothic style, I think they are the same age as the cathedral.


It is possible that this is one of the gargoyles that penetrated inside the cathedral, I see pagan symbolism, a straw woman that was burned by pagans during rituals.


Another strange image that has nothing to do with Christianity.


Another round window with stained-glass windows was hidden in the area of the left wing.

Wonderful work of the masters of this business.


On the second level you can see the loggia, I wanted to get there.


This is what the ensemble looks like: a loggia, arched vaults and columns.


This is the case when I had only one chance of success, I was very worried that my camera would malfunction. But, everything worked out.

You see the magnificent cathedral hall.


If you are not very fond of photographs with bokeh and frames, please forgive me.

If you look at Gothic architecture, you will see that each element has its own frames and I wanted my photography style to be a little in tune with this architecture.

The foyer is separated from the central hall by a steel lattice, it is also a kind of frame, lol.


I would be happy if, when looking at these photographs, the music of that era would be born in your head.


I would give this photograph a name - Spark of Faith Lost in Time.


Every window, every stained-glass window and every shadow was majestic in a special way.


This is something that cannot get bored if you look at this magnificence from different angles.


I felt very small next to these masterpieces, this is what teaches a person to be meek.


I took a risky step and decided to make my way to the cathedral's loggia. Without looking at the spy, I ran upstairs.

Above the Gothic arch of the staircase entrance, you can see a desudeport, which resembles the pattern of stained glass on the windows.


Here you see the second opening on the second tier.


So, I was able to see the cathedral hall from a bird's eye view, no big deal, this bird flew very low, but it was a real flight!


This is what a round window in the wall looks like, which shows me a flight of stairs.


My super speed started to disappear and I had to leave the cathedral building.

The spy who was following me was probably starting to lose patience and I decided not to bother him lol.


Finally, I took another photo of the organ, but I did not see the masters who allegedly repaired it.


Before going outside, I saw a window with a gentle arched opening. Such windows are installed on the administrative parts of the cathedrals, which are located in the wings.


This is the case when we can say that the glass masters are over, who could cut the glass of the desired shape and insert it into the stained glass window.

A piece of polycarbonate looks ridiculous in this ensemble, as does a sticker warning that smoking is prohibited in this building.

I doubt that there is a need for such a sticker in a Christian church, but today, it is only a philharmonic.


Yes, I have to do it lol.

Any pagan images and sculptures on the building of a Christian temple is sacrilege.

But the gargoyles on Notre Dame de Paris were honest, they are the monsters that are watching you.

And, the muses who were installed on the facade of the cathedral are wolves in sheep's clothing, which call you to have fun within the walls of a Christian relic, cynically.

The Cathedral of Saint Anthony suffered more damage than Notre Dame de Paris during the fire.

Gargoyles penetrated into his essence, began to rule the ball of Satan.

Sometimes. architecture. it is sad, but this always interesting.

Enjoy reading and viewing photos!


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For my publications, I do not use stock photographs, it is fundamentally important for me to use photographs that I have made with my own hands for publication and I can name them - authorial work.


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The tinted patterned glass and beautiful arches of the church are worth observing. I still remember like it was yesterday that Notre Dame De Paris caught fire and burnt a lot of historic architectural piece of structure. It was sad.
Anyways that was a wonderful post pal have a great day.

I think that Notre Dame de Paris will be restored before the Cathedral of St. Anthony, again, becomes part of the Catholic Church. Thank you so much! Have a great day!

This is such an incredible series of publications for the remarkable Cathedral of St. Anthony in Rivne, Ukraine! Your style of storytelling, your keen observations of significant details and photography style, plus how you voice out your honest opinions in an interestingly hilarious manner are simply impressive! Thank you so much @barski for your valuable participation and contributions to this community! We're eager to experience your next powerful publication about architecture and design. Cheers!

Thank you! I'm already thinking about a new project of the post, but I need to sleep well and forget about the Cathedral of St. Anthony). Have a great day!

You are doing an amazing job in this community with your high quality architecture posts.
Always a pleasure to stop by!

@tipu curate 2

Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoyed my work. Have a great day!

Прекрасна розповідь, видно скільки праці вкладину у його створення! Собор виглядає просто дивовижно!!!

Спасибо! Это было интересное занятие.

Wonderful pictures of wonderful church

Thank you so much! Have a great day!




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