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Through @crazy-andy and @storiesoferne posts, I got to know the exist of #architecture&design community in HIVE which is interesting and I had subscribed immediately. And also thank you @storiesoferne for introducing and guiding me to join #architecture&design.

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Today I would like to introduce you guys an excellent landscape park which was received many design awards such as ASLA Professional Awards, President Design Award, and Landscape of the Year Award at the World Architecture Festival.

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Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is one of the largest park which is located in between Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 and Bishan Road in Singapore. Park size is about 62 hectares with a beautiful 3km meandering river with river plain both sides, pond gardens making it a popular place for residents and families to have leisure activities.

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I like to walk to this beautiful park as it is quite near to my house, and the peaceful and beautiful scenery of each zone of the park is very eye-catching.

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The well-maintained tracks with soothing babble of river view attracts many fitness enthusiasts from every part of Singapore to this popular park.

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Walking along the water canal, there is a beautiful bridge connected both side of water canal to other HDB flats and Condominium residential area.

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There has a Dog Running Zone is opened for doggies for playing within this zone.

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The flowering trellis are built for doggies’ owners while waiting for their doggies playing in the Dog Running Zone.

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The center open field with different type of greenery trees species such as Ficus benjamina, Samanea saman, Sindora wallichii, Tabebuia rosea and many native trees species in Singapore are grown very well. They are planted surrounding the open field and creating the backdrop for the grass field view.

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The open lawns and gently sloping grassy banks along either side of the river, the families can have picnic and gathering while enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of the river. The stepping stones on the river is one of the focal points of the park for the park users to step over to opposite side of river.

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Many type of seating, day beds, benches are placed well at the good spots for enjoy the beautiful nature scenery.

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Soil bio-engineering concept with proposed all the water drainage is built underground which is more nature, ecological and environment concern. The water goes through filtration before goes to the canal to make sure the water in the river is always clean. The overall storm water management is effective and healthy in terms of ecosystem and biodiversity towards a pleasure urban park.

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Restaurants in park are well built with tropical planting, creepers, climbers, green wall and green roof that one is selling Japanese food and another one is selling Western food.

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Tabebuia rosea, Trumpet tree also called Local Sakura are blooming during late March and early April annually. The jogging tracks in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park are planted numerous Tabebuia rosea tree species. Here is definitely a good spot for photographers to capture the local Sakura views.
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Hello Cherry! It's a great delight to see you publishing here for the first time! With that, I'd like to warmly welcome you to the Architecture+Design Community! Your professional expertise as a Landscape Architect is surely an excellent blessing to the interesting topics of architecture and design that we discuss in this vibrant tribe.

Thank you @cherryng for featuring Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, a world-renowned landscape project backed with multi-award-winning credentials including the top spot for the World Architecture Festival! Singapore, also known as Asia's Garden City, is a gorgeous haven of natural surroundings. I can still clearly remember during my visit there some years ago, my fascination with the stunning landscape designs, features, and amenities. Mother Nature is certainly within reach because of the easy access of your residents to the refreshing gardens. You even live nearby these green environments which is a huge advantage for you.

We look forward to your next awesome publication, and until then, stay safe and all the best!

P.S. I'd also like to thank @crazy-andy for referring this community to you. Appreciate it very much, Andy!

Most welcome Erne. It is one of the best communities on Hive based on number of high quality posts published daily.
Will do my best to publish someting myself soon as well!

Always grateful for your support Andy! See you soon - have a safe and beautiful weekend!

Hi Erne, thank you for your comprehensive comments.
I was so glad to know you through HIVE community. Recently I am busying on some projects submission. Hopefully I will have more personal time to produce more interesting topic to Architecture+Design community. How is your workload there recently?
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I'm happy to have known you too Cherry. Oh yes, my typical workload here is extremely busy but, I try my best to balance everything in life, both online and offline. I'm excited to experience more of your awesome projects on landscape architecture and feel free to feature them in this community. Best regards to your family and keep the most of it. Be safe, healthy, and full of smiles! 😀

Oh ya, good to hear that you able to balance work and life. As working in architectural field usually very busy and lacking of rest. So I'm happy that you able to manage well.
I knew many architects and draftmans from Philippine too. As Singapore working environment is quite international. We mingle around and keep in touch.
Due to Covid, most are us are working remotely, basically working from home. Perhaps we have opportunity to work together in future.
Thank you so much, Erne.
Happy Sunday, Stay safe and healthy.

Definitely Cherry! We are both Architects with different specializations. And the idea of collaborating on future projects sounds thrilling and amazing! Take care there and have a lovely weekend!

oh what an interesting place. And more since a former orchestra member won a musical scholarship there in Singapore, then he will be coming soon, he is from Venezuela

Thank you @feiderman for dropping by.
Yeah, this park is very beautiful, well-maintained and suitable to have musical concert and other events.
Have a nice weekend! Stay safe and healthy always.

Hello @cherryng that is a wonderful landscape design and management. It is always great to have such beautiful park closer to home.
Welcome and keep flourishing!

Thank you @praditya. My pleasure you read through my post regarding Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. It is definitely a beautiful and well-maintained park in Singapore.
Thank you for dropping by. Cheers! Have a nice weekend! :)))

Hello Cherry, welcome to Architecture+Design Community! What a fascinating place to enjoy a stroll under a canopy of local sakura trees. Thank you for sharing this beautifully designed and award-winning park and we are excited to read more of your design publications here.

Hi Arni, thank you so much for dropping by. My pleasure to join #Architecture+Design community.
I'm so glad to know you and Erne, and really appreciate your effect for hosting #Architecture+Design to bring flourishing to HIVE community.
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You're most welcome, Cherry! Hope you had a lovely weekend too! Thank you for the good wishes, wishing you the same and a productive week ahead!

Hey @cherryng That landscape is so beautiful and is maintained so properly no wonder why it has been awarded with so many awards. The pictures shows how people love strolling in the park and it has been used properly.
Welcome to the community and looking forward to see more from you.
Enjoy the weekend:)

Thank you @sahiba-rana for your commenting. I'm so happy you read through my post.
I noticed that you also an architect. My pleasure to know you from Architecture+Design in HIVE community. Hope you have a nice day, stay safe, and looking forward to see your post. THANK YOU!

It's my pleasure too! Would love to follow you on hive's journey.
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Hi @sahiba-rana, I follow you too. Cheers!
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Another Architect that I can learn about, welcome to the community!

Thanks @afterglow for dropping by. I'm happy to know you from @Architecture+Design community.
Let's keep learning in our career path. Stay safe and looking forwards your next post. THANK YOU!

You're welcome and nice to also know you here at Architecture+Design.