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Last weekend, I had visited the large monastery, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Buddhist Temples which’s located at Bishan, Singapore.

There have 3 main access to the monastery, 9 building halls, 2 columbariums, 1 crematorium, and 1 new constructed meditation hall which’s considered as the largest monastery in Singapore. The monastery is having the Buddhism courses such as Buddha teachings of wisdom and compassion, practise mindfulness, develop gratitude towards happiness life.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, all the religious places were closed based on government safety measures. They are re-opened for public by strict safety measures and limit the visitors to access the religious places on ‘Circuit Breaker’ Phase 3. Currently all visitors have to book the time slot through the website for the attendance. Therefore, there are not crowded in the monastery on each of the time slot by proper management.

This pandemic cause people to feel uneasy in life. Most of people looking for spiritual sustenance to calm and peace their mind. I have been long time never visit to the temple. Therefore, I registered though the website to visit this monastery on last weekend.

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The 1st hall I was visited is the Hall of Great Compassion, which is located near to Gate 3. Gate 3 is mainly for pedestrians and bus passenger’s visitors to enter. The Hall of Great Compassion has one large Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva statue. We will sense the solemn and peace when stepping in the hall, the great compassion and wisdom of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva has captured all the sentient beings who visit the place.

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The architecture design of the building hall is more on Traditional Chinese design concept with colourful dragons and phoenix’s carving, which is represent the auspicious and wishful. The dragon carving on the building columns is another significant item and hot spot for photographers.

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Continue my journey, I reached a splendid building, which’s called The Hall of Great Strength with dedicated the historical founder of Buddhism, Shakyamuni Buddha. The Shakyamuni Buddha statue with golden flashes and dazzling eyes. During Wesak Day and Buddhism festival, there are very crowded by visitors and do lights offering to Buddha. Both sides of front building hall have lion statues which has function of blocking the evil spirits and act as guardians of the hall.

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Most of the building architecture and covered walkways in this monastery have the significant and colourful dragon crafting on the roof.

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From one building hall walked to another building hall, there were many little monks statue placed neatly along the feature wall. They have different gestures and postures. Looking awesome and cute!

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After walked through the long covered walkway, I reached a new constructed Meditation Hall which is dedicated with a huge Guanyin Bodhisattva Statue next to the Meditation Hall. The statue is surrounded by the wide reflective water pool.

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The architecture design of this new constructed Meditation Hall is totally different design concept with surrounding existing buildings and halls. It is looking modern and gorgeous by vertical timbers connecting from 2nd floor to top floor. I think it will be better if added more green walls and green roof to soften the existing hard material surface.

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Listening the gurgling water sound when I standing near to this water pond, all my worries are gone. The huge Guanyin Bodhisattva Statue is very elegant and solemn. Before entered the new constructed Meditation Hall, the ambience here already created my inner peace.

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In front of new constructed Meditation Hall is a vegetables greenhouse which is built by monastery staffs and officers. It is follow the latest trend of urban farming concept and which is definitely a good idea to produce and supply the own vegetables to staffs and monks who staying in monastery.

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Besides that, the vacant land in front of Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall was also planted many types of fruit trees, vegetables and herbal plants. The vegetables and fruit trees here were looking fresh and bushy, all grown very well such as papaya, brinjal, lady fingers, basils, lime, mint leaves, curry leaves, pandan leaves and so on.

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A huge gold Buddha statue which is dedicated at the Hall of No Form, fourth level of the Venerable Hong Choon Memorial Hall. The visitors bowed their heads and worshipped in front of Buddha.

Sometime the Hall of No Form used for Buddhist events, such as chanting and puja, or meditation activities. The tranquillity and peace of the place is really good to do meditation here to find your inner peace.

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The main access of the monastery has a nice rockery design concept water feature which acts as divider in between Gate 1 and Gate 2 driveway.

Thanks for reading. Have a peace and wonderful day!

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Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Buddhist Temples is stunning in size alone! I can appreciate that they have teaching there, especially (for me) in mindfulness and one can read into the wisdom and compassion that is taught here. Admittedly, one can learn a whole lot about life here.

@cherryng The Meditation Hall is amazing, a modern urban design and construction. It clearly is meant to show off its green nature. The sound of water plays a huge part in my inner calm.

I am in love with the traditional dragon crafting roofs and the tiny monks along the wall, and, I love the dragon carving on the column. I am sure I would be drawn to them in person. This is such a wonderful #MarketFriday! I love it and I appreciate the fact that you give it a truly dedicated commentary. Thank you so much. I sent a little extra to your wallet for such an awesome post! (I only post the rules of #MarketFriday so anyone reading this will know. It is not because you didn't do it right! )

I appreciate the love and support given to #MarketFriday! Your participation adds a piece of your world, and I have to say, people are interested in is seeing it. This entire challenge has opened up the world to me and so many others. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I am so happy to see you here! I hope you have a fabulous day! Hive on!!

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Much appreciate Denise for reading my post. I'm so happy that you love traditional dragon crafting especially columns, little monks, reflective pool and most important the dharma teaching about wisdom and compassion which could apply in life.
THANK YOU DENISE! Enjoy your day!

It is always a pleasure to read your posts! They are always so well composed and the pictures are awesome!

Thank you, again!

Your encouragement and kind comments makes my day! I will keep it up. Thank you my dear 😊

Hello Cherry! It's great that you were able to schedule a visit to the monastery in spite of the strict pandemic protocols there. I find this remarkable building (meditation hall) below as the most beautiful one there as it clearly stands out from the rest of the surrounding traditional Chinese-inspired architecture.


The vertical wooden louvers give it a modern appeal and definitely shield its interiors from the harmful rays of the sun during extremely hot seasons, What other creative ideas do you have in mind to enhance the existing green landscapes of that landmark @cherryng?

Thank you @storiesoferne. I'm happy that you read my post.
Yes, agreed that the vertical wooden louvers shield the interior from direct sun and hot weather. For current urban design trend, the green roofs and green walls are proposed for most of the projects. There are good ideas in terms of climate change, global warming and sea level rising.
Thank you. Stay safe, my friend. Have a nice day!

Certainly, @cherryng, green walls and green roofs have effectively become innovative solutions to add the refreshing ambiance of nature to our built environments. They're not just urban design trends but are definitely sustainable ways of making our world a better place. Thank you and take care my friend!

Hey @cherryng what a peaceful and wonderful sacred place it is. Not just the amazing structure but the vegetable greenhouse built by monastery is amazing. Covid has changed almost everyone's lifestyle and regular working. so is the case of holy places. It's good that the administration is taking proper precautions by having a booking system with time slots.
Hope you are safe and healthy, Have a wonderful week:)

Thank you my dear @sahiba-rana. Yes, the vegetables greenhouse is proposed for many new projects in urban landscape design currently. It is become a new design trend. Self growing and self supplying the vegetables and herbal plants.
Thank you. Have a nice and safe week ahead!

Hello Cherry, I could feel the serenity you have described in the monastery, particularly the new meditation hall with the reflective pool. There's also something soothing about the lined up little monks statue along the feature wall. It's great that the outdoor space was utilized for vegetable gardening and that you were able to book a schedule to visit.

Thank you @discoveringarni for commenting. It is my pleasure you read through my post.
Yes, it is a solemn and peaceful place in Singapore. I hope I will share more with you all the nice places over here.
Thank you, have a great weekend! Stay safe and healthy always :)

Thank you Cherry, take care and wishing you a lovely weekend too 🙂

This is just a breathtaking place Cherry! It must of been a truly wonderful experience to be there. I love the architecture and the vibrant colors, but mostly the beautiful statues of Buddha and gardens 💖🙏💖

Thank you my dear Lena! I'm so happy to read my post. Yes, it is exactly a calm and peaceful place to find my inner peace especially the new constructed Meditation Hall area.
Enjoy your weekend with your love one! Stay safe and healthy always. Thank you :)))

My pleasure Cherry and thank you too 💖🙏💖