The geometric octagonal shape of the castle of Frederick II 🏰

The Castle of Federico II is an octagonal stone fortress with 8 stone towers defending the corners, the structurally weakest points of the structure. The shape is reminiscent, especially when viewed from afar, of a truly suggestive crown, and Frederick II of Svevia was the king of many southern Italian kingdoms. The construction is strategic because centuries ago there was no enemy detection equipment, such as radar, but enemies were sighted from places like this. The sooner they were sighted, the faster the defense of the walls could be organized. The castle, built entirely of stone, has an octagonal or crown shape. Eight large side towers protect the corners of the castle from enemy attacks, normally being considered as weak points of the building. To reach the entrance it is necessary to follow a path that can be traveled on foot through the surrounding forest or following a shorter and less steep road, an asphalted road. Admission to the castle is subject to a fee, but in this pandemic period only online reservations are accepted, reducing the number of visitors, forced to enter in small groups to respect safety distances.




The last stretch can only be covered on foot or by bike and this is the most beautiful journey because from here it is possible to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding area. Here the silence is interrupted only by the birds and the winds flowing through the branches and leaves of the trees. We sat down for a while on the lawn just before the entrance, enjoying the beautiful sun and the mild temperature.



The interior consists of large halls, very airy and sunny due to the presence of ocular windows that overlook the courtyard and the presence of large windows located in the upper part of the wall. The large rooms are communicating through medium-sized side access doors. In the past, the rooms were equipped with fireplaces to heat the environment ... In winter, in particular, the cold is intense and the lords of the castle were able to use large quantities of timber deriving from the forest that surrounds the area. There are no particular decorations on the stone, some of which have probably been lost or destroyed over time. In fact, this structure became for some decades a detention center and a refuge for the poorest.

The castle is built on two floors: it is possible to access the upper floor via a stone spiral staircase. Here too the rooms consist of high vaults but there are balconies that overlook the outside and from which it is possible to observe a beautiful panorama of nature. Often during the year, the castle hosted cultural exhibitions or events and in particular, in the summer, evening theatrical performances alternate within the walls and the courtyard. A wonderful sight.

Just before the last stretch, there is a small bar and restaurant where you can enjoy a coffee or a meal under the walls of the majestic white castle. It is frightening how huge and enchanting it is seen from below and who knows how many battles, stories and eras it has seen pass at its feet. I took a lot of photos to try to capture all the details and the beauty of this masterpiece and I hope it can partially convey the beautiful emotions it transmitted to me.


Wow, medieval castles like this fortress always fascinate me! And the sunny weather provided the perfect opportunity for you to explore that historic building in its entirety. What part of the castle had the most memorable impression on you?

The main access is the most characteristic with the presence of the large arch that conveys a sense of austerity but also of refined culture with all the details

Oh yes, the castle's main entrance with the large arch is indeed an architectural marvel! Many thanks for sharing this amazing exploration!

Hello @claudio83, this is such a beautifully designed castle, it may appear robust and simple but the spaces seem to surprise anyone that enters them. The central courtyard looks magical and any event or performance within the castle grounds will definitely elevate the emotions felt. Great post!

Thank you very much for your feedback 🙏 The medieval castle is really very beautiful and in southern Italy, especially in Puglia, there are a lot of medieval castles, not all of which are accessible.

Hello @claudio83, we enjoy reading your content. Keep up your great work!

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Thank you 🙏🎊

The historic structures are home to many told and untold stories. That huge ceiling is majestic and fascinating. Seems like you had a great day visiting there. Keep flourishing and posting :)

I am lucky to live in an area full of history. There are many other beautiful places to see 😁