Chicago: Millennium Park and The Bean (IV)

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Hello arch lovers!

We keep going around Chicago, that iconic city of architecture and much more. We can contemplate it from many different perspectives, from an arriving plane, from the lake, from the top of a skyscraper, walking through the streets or enjoying spectacular public spaces such as its parks.

And among all the parks in the windy city, one stands out without a doubt, Millennium Park. It is much more than a typical park, we can find those too, but this one is much more special because it becomes the living heart of the city, where magic happens. The magic of music of course, because it is also the city of music, the city of jazz, but we can be spectators of concerts of different types of music in a unique and incomparable setting such as the Jay Pritzker Pavillion, whose metal structure calls our attention strongly, and we were stunned.

Different silver sheets that intertwine and intermingle to form the perfect box to enjoy an evening of music in the open air, with all the relaxation in the world, lying on the grass or in one of the many red seats. And lying down we look up and more curved metal tubes decorate our views, where the spotlights will later illuminate us all. Something more spectacular?

If there is a sculptural piece that just seeing it makes us know where we are, it is the Cloud Gate or affectionately called by all "The Bean" because it seems that way. A large shiny steel bean that reflects everything around us and us... In different ways, with distorted curved reflections that make us play with the image and with reality. And there it is imposing and giving off rays of light that bounce off its surface. And below? We pass crouched down and everything is reflected in a crazier way towards a central point, we can even lie on our backs and feel that we are in a slightly distorted dream, it is like a psychedelic, designer and very original room of mirrors.

And we can continue walking because there are more structures and winding artificial paths that take us from one part to another, from modern pavilions, to wooded areas, to the furthest area where you can see all the buildings that surround it (we have already talked about some of them in previous posts) to another area that connects to a museum. Yes, from the Art Institute of Chicago we can leave, not through the main door but through another one above, a kind of bridge in the air from which we can see the park again and that takes us to it.

As we can see, it is not a park like any other we know, here, of course, architecture has a lot to say and it becomes an essential element that in a curious way harmonizes with the whole environment, because there are many different environments in a single large space.

The space is large and it is almost better that we contemplate it from the heights, again we went up to another skyscraper, now to the Aon Center (of which I keep fond memories) and there we got those impressive views, not only of the park and beyond, but also something, the Shedd Aquarium and you almost lose sight outside the State of Illinois, if we look a little further, Indiana is already there. And in all this panorama, once again, the bright spot stands out, the Bean.

We can continue downstairs, going from one space to another, as if we were in an hybrid open-air museum of modern art, because the entire area becomes an unusual work of art per se but is used by all citizens, where in the nicer days there is music, there are people and there is joy. And perhaps also surprise and admiration for those who walk from here being from another place.

But among so many things to see, I have also left one very spectacular and striking. Do you know what it is? Don't worry, I haven't forget it, I'll talk about that other curious work of modern art soon because this is getting long... And there are so many photographs that seem to compete with each other in terms of modern architecture and spectacular design, and all leave us amazed and open-mouthed ;)

Fall in love with Chicago, you'll see more...

Chicago, Illinois, US - Part IV

More here:

Thanks for reading! Have a spectacular and amazing day.


The text is totally mine, by ©Duvinca and all the photos are mine too!

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Absolutely wow! What else can I say about Chicago, an emblematic destination for architecture and design enthusiasts? It seems that everywhere I glance in that prestigious metropolis, my jaw would always drop amidst the smorgasbord of iconic buildings. 👍😁

The Bean and the Millennium Park are simply a couple of fascinating landmarks there to be captivated about. And there are still more architectural treasures waiting there to be revealed. Sorry for the delay - been swamped with real-life responsibilities during the past days. Thank you for sharing with us your priceless experiences @duvinca! 🙏😊

Thanks for your wonderful and kind words. Well in my opinion here we find the essence of the city, the Bean could be the heart of Chicago, it's modern, well designed, cool and all the wonders around can be reflected on it, with an extraordinary bright. And this place really shines in front of our eyes when we contemplate it.

No worries we all have things to do obviously, I'm still trying to organize more photos according to the topic or place there in Chicago for maybe new posts. More to share soon... 😉

Indeed! The Bean is the heart of Chicago where all wonderful experiences of architecture and design radiate from. It's certainly one if not the most recognizable icon in that esteemed city! Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding. I'm already excited about your upcoming content. And I'm pretty sure they're going to be epic! Enjoy! 😊👍

❤🙏 always thankful! My pleasure!

Wow! What an amazing park! Thanks for showing us. I really like how it was conceived and studied. Excellent architectures are present inside

Thanks a lot! This city is impressive, in many different places! More to show...

I’m waiting for other posts of yours

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Ohhh this means a lot to me, it's a boost of motivation, and sometimes we need that. So what can I say? Just thanks and thanks, I appreciate this really, and it's great to have achieved the gold mark with my loved Chicago, a city which is in my heart, probably it was the best time for me in my life, I can say that. So my memories are so emotional, just seeing photos and preparing with love this article I wanted to share in this wonderful community. Again thank you.

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Indeed, a much-deserved award for you dear @duvinca. This recognition absolutely seals your cherished memories about Chicago, its magnificent architecture, plus your ecstatic moments there. It's one of the world's iconic cities and must therefore be appreciated in our beloved community. Until your next spectacular publication, we wish you the best always! 😀

Thanks a lot, yes, for me this is a very special place that deserves my best effort to make the best post as much as possible... I appreciate your encouraging words always ❤🙏

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Thank you for your kind words - much appreciated! 😀

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Wow a triple badge!!! That's really cool, and those mean that we're growing more! Thank you! 💙😉

Wow, three badges in a row, that's awesome @duvinca! 🎉🎉🎉

Very nice post my friend! It sure deserved the golden badge 😘💙

Thanks dear! Well I'm happy because I got it with the city I love more. And still much more to show jaja

Awesome 🤩 Keep going 😘

Without a doubt, it is a reflection of the innovative, of the new and of the future. I love that it is a unique park where the main protagonists are the works of architecture that highlight the union of the industrial with the green.

Exactly! This park means how modern architectures can join harmoniously in a open natural space, different styles, materials and atmosphere in just one pleasant place where to be.

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Ohh wow thanks a lot @LivingUKTaiwan and @pinmapple of course really unexpected but very appreciated 😊

Hi @duvinca
That's an amazing park. I like its modern architecture. And the bean is so cool. It's a nice idea to have it in the center of Chicago.

Thanks! Really cool and people play with the photo camera to have funny effects with those reflections. You can be entertained and enjoy art, architecture and culture in a natural park. It's the living heart of this vibrant city.

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Yeah! Thanks!!! 😎

The park is very cool and modern. Well, of course, I can't help but with the buildings in the background. I love the architecture of American cities. I hope I will be able to visit this incredible country soon)

Yes this is a very special place where people like being and where they enjoy... architecture, design and nature together ❤ Hope one day you can go and I come back!

I lived in Chicago for 6 years. I miss it there it's a great city!

Yes I agree! I was there for less time but still missing it, it's special!

If you go back you need to go to a korean place called crisp then hit up laugh factory in lakeview

Oh nice, ok I will try to keep in mind, sure many things now are different so still more to discover and enjoy, thanks!!

Yay Chicago. What a great city. Reading this I have fond memories and now I want to go to the Anon center and see the city from the top!

Oh me too, hope I come back too and spend more pleasant time and cool moments again. Thanks!!!

It is simply beautiful. I didn't know it was called the Jay Pritzker Pavillion. I saw it once in a movie and thought it was a spectacular place. Thank you for taking me on a tour of this place.

Chicago has been a movie scenario for many many movies and when I watch someone I see some of these iconic places I always say: that's Chicago! jaja Happy you like it!

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So beautiful!🥰. Those structures and the designs look so classic and I'm wondering how real they are.

Yes it is! It's a mix between modern and classic in an open pleasant public place!

Yay! 🤗
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Yeah thanks!