Paris: the Cathedral of Notre-Dame (II)

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We love visiting monuments and cathedrals when we travel, admiring that architecture from another time, because architecture becomes art. And before that concept was taken further, to faith and spirituality. And beyond materials and structure, everything acquires a very deep meaning.

I really enjoy the architecture and design of what I see around me, although I am not an expert, I stick with what evokes and inspires me, and in particular the Gothic cathedrals catch my attention. Look up and see soaring pointed towers and large windows that illuminate the silent room, colorful handcrafted stained glass windows that immerse us in a miraculous effect. We are speechless...

And a great symbol of all this can be found in Europe's cathedral par excellence, in Paris, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, or Our Lady, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is one of the oldest cathedrals of this style despite having been reformed on different occasions until the 19th century. We already know that it was badly damaged during the French Revolution and unfortunately, again, on April 15, 2019, a fire destroyed an important part of its upper part, in the roof area, and the very long needle that was on top fell down. It is now in the reconstruction phase, we hope that it can be visited again soon, and I hope that above all, it continues to maintain its essence of the time, and of everything that it symbolizes.

I was fortunate to be able to visit this emblematic monument several times before that fateful date. When everything looked in perfect harmony, from its entrance portico, to the flying buttresses and the entire structure on the outside that distributes the weight of the grandiose and decorated façade. We look up, to the two towers, from where we appreciate the famous gargoyles, which are more than just somewhat spooky stone figures, and all that reminds us of the popular story of Quasimodo or the hunchback of Notre-Dame. And this impressive cathedral appears on various occasions in more films and almost as a character in more films, in paintings and in literary works such as that of the famous Victor Hugo.

But we must enter and there where various kings and emperors such as Napoleon were crowned and buried, we marvel now as before with the immense incomparable rose windows, a world of color collides in our eyes under the ribbed vault that obscures the sacred atmosphere. A dual contrast, as is the world, light and dark.

We walk listening to our footsteps in silence, and in another area we discover something unexpected, golden decorations on the walls and many people around a model of the cathedral itself, in which we can appreciate even more closely all the details, even recreated at that time when masterful master architects and craftsmen designed and they built this emblematic building of a strong belief. Do buildings now have so much meaning and deep value? Do they make us feel the same? Is it only the passage of time that most amazes us?

For me, Notre-Dame Cathedral is unique and marvelous, a lady, the lady of the city that stands on the island of the Seine river, to be admired, from up close and also from afar, from any point and from any angle. Also at any time and despite any damage or destruction suffered. It will still be there, signifying everything it means, perhaps we will give it even more value, the one it really deserves, because it is a monument that symbolizes the most divine conjunction between art, architecture and love for something deeper, faith. or devotion, it doesn't matter. But that does not go unnoticed by anyone, does not leave anyone indifferent. This is one of the cases in which architecture is used as an expression of something higher, which almost transports us to heaven.

Thanks for reading! Have a meaningful and styling day.


The text is totally mine, by ©Duvinca and all the photos are mine too!

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A global icon of Gothic architecture! Who doesn't recognize the world-famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, right? According to tourism statistics, that prestigious landmark is even more visited and popular than the Eiffel Tower. Fascinating! 👍

What architectural detail in that sacred building has intrigued you the most and why?

Greetings @duvinca. A warm welcome to the Architecture+Design Community! 😊

Yes absolutely agree with you, in my opinion the Eiffel Tower is an icon but in the end the structure hasn't many artistic details. Notre-Dame has infinite of them! I felt fascinated by the colorful stained glass windows, because they are impressive, a masterpiece (not easy to do) and the size... they are huge. How did they put those delicate windows on that walls??? But if you outside and see the many sculptures around or the structures which keep the weight. All was so well thought and designed.

Thanks a lot for your nice message and your support 😉
By the way, I was looking forward to sharing some post in this community, I had other in mind that I will for sure! And hope more!

Indeed @duvinca, those massive stained glass windows are absolutely mind-blowing! You must be a super skilled artisan to create masterpieces like those. The flying buttresses that reinforce the church walls outside are also marvels of structural engineering. In fact, the entire cathedral is an extraordinary work of timeless design! 👍

Of course, why not? We're truly excited plus it would be a great honor to host your future publications about architecture and design. Consider the Architecture+Design Community as your friendly home for these interesting topics. Kindly also ensure to be mindful of our community rules, like the minimum interval of 3 days between posts. Thank you for your sincere interest and we look forward to your amazing content. Have lots of fun with us! 😊

Perhaps it is the most beautiful cathedral in the world. Thank you for this post !LUV

Yeah I agree on of the most impressive for sure!!!

the city of paris is known for its extraordinary architecture, i often see the beauty of the city in movies,,, very extraordinary, good post, friend...

Yes it's a very charming city, perfect to walk around and feel you are in a inspiring movie. Thank you!

Notre Dame is my old dream. It is wonderful that you were able to see this masterpiece of human thought with your own eyes)

Thanks! Yes it is one of the most impressive cathedrals in Europe for sure, very special and with an unique design, hope it will be there eternally. Inside when you see the divine light, it's like a dream or a miracle.

I love the stained, they are always amazing to look at.

Yes I agree my favorite part!!! A masterpiece of colorful lights.

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