Tsunami Museum Rumoh Aceh Escape Hill


In my province, Aceh, Indonesia, there was an earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2004, and this disaster caused thousands of lives and damaged all facilities, causing enormous material and non-material losses, so after several years of this disaster, a building was built. the tsunami museum building in Aceh, at that time the design of the tsunami museum building was designed by Indonesian architect Ridwan Kamil, when it was designed, this building was named "Rumoh Aceh Escape Hill", built in such a way as to represent the memory of the earthquake. and tsunamis.

Seen from above this building looks like a rolling wave and there is like a chimney in the circle, with an oval in the middle, seen from the side the exterior shape of this building looks like a ship, the walls of this building are inspired by woven bamboo ornaments, looks neat despite so many similar decorations on the walls.


This is the entrance to the tsunami museum building, there are large glass windows, and the building is painted in gray and white.



The exterior looks like woven bamboo, it looks like this ornament is made using fiber material, so it's not carved manually, there is also a large glass window.


Entering the building, the design of this room is called the tunnel of sorrow, in the hallway here we will hear the rumbling sound of splashing water flowing on the walls. The hallway is narrow, coupled with the roar from the place, which reminds us of passing through the alley at low tide with the tsunami incident. is the beginning of entering the tsunami building, here we can also get lights that glow dimly and we have to be careful going through the hallway because the hallways are narrow, designed in such a way, the view from this hallway leads us to remember the earthquake and tsunami disaster .




In the middle of this museum building there is a pond, made to beautify the interior appearance of this building, feels cool from inside this museum building, although there is not much air ventilation, continues with around the pool in the building, on the edge of the pool there is a ball -concrete balls bearing the names of donor countries that helped after the earthquake and tsunami occurred, these balls grind the pool.


Entering the next hallway there is a digital screen that plays photo slides and information about the tsunami incident, and also here there are 4-dimensional props, and there are artifacts when the tsunami hit.


This is a mini-scale tsunami museum building, it looks like this is the forerunner of this building being built, with a curved shape, the artist is one of the best architects in Indonesia, who has designed world-famous buildings.


Entering the next room, this is the prayer room, or also called "The Light of God", which is a room shaped like a chimney whose top is written the name Allah in Arabic, also in this room are written the names of thousands of victims from the earthquake and tsunami. tsunami, this room is almost completely dark, there is only a little light, this is intended to better appreciate the tsunami disaster.


The shape of the chimney is seen from the outside, towering upwards, with a glass roof above it, and on the side wall with a vertical design, in this place the natural light of the sun fights the room.


On this glass roof there is also the flag of the donor country in helping reconstruct Aceh after the earthquake and tsunami.


In the middle of the building there is a bridge to go down, here there is a wall that is designed vertically, and the chimney looks very clear, under this bridge there is also a pool, also with natural lighting from the glass roof.


This is a souvenir room, here are also sold various kinds of handicrafts typical of Aceh, there is also a sofa for visitors who want to rest.



The bridge is seen from below, on the side of the bridge there is a lined wall, also the pool has a round pattern in the pool, actually this pool is not deep, beautifying the appearance of the interior of the tsunami museum.

So although there are still many shortcomings in explaining in terms of architecture, I try as much as possible, because this is my first post in the Architecture and design community.


very interesting place to visit, and many historical sites which are very moving..

Many local and foreign tourists visit this place every day. Thank you for your comment.

Hello dear friend @neoseven good afternoon
I am very sorry for what they had to go through and endure in 2004, that is something I do not wish on anyone
What a beautiful building, and what an imposing factory it has inside.
Beautiful shots of this building, I appreciate that you have shared all these beautiful images and the history that it houses
have a beautiful afternoon

Thank you friend @jlufer, I really appreciate your opinion, this building is a place to remember and learn about the earthquake and tsunami.

Well, that museum is very big i see. And they decor is very amazing. Good one Chief 👍

This is a famous architectural design and is very representative of the moment of the earthquake and tsunami.

This is a very large museum and beautiful building in Aceh.

Yes, it has become an iconic building for the people of Aceh.

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Great post!
Love the design, lines and calmness the building gives.

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You are welcome @neoseven 😊